Collagen Dressing For Wounds Promotes Faster Healing.

Everyday wounds normally need thorough cleaning and proper bandaging. Dressing a wound is an important part of wound management and it has been shown that advanced collagen dressing for wounds such as Duoderm and Tegaderm have greatly improved wound care. Gauge, foam, hydrocolloids, tulle, hydrogel, hydrofiber are the types of dressings available. Sealing the wound to promote clotting process, absorbing discharged fluids from the wound, clearing foreign particles from the wound bed, preventing infections, promoting granulation, relieving discomfort are the several purposed served by wound dressings. Israeli scientists have just recently invented a new kind of dressing for wounds that is made of human collagen and would initiate healing. Study has shown that collagen is a type of protein which occurs naturally in the body and therefore aids in the support of the tissues in skin, tendons, bones and muscles.

Collagen can be compromised by the proteins in the body. This is a protein that functions much differently than other proteins in that it exists outside as well as inside cells. There are about twenty-nine kinds of collagen, but only about four are found most frequently in the body.Many healing products contain collagen. Until now we see that every collagen based wound care item contained animal tissues, which also needed special treating to prohibit being rejected from the body by the immune system. A moist healing environment, which stimulates growth of new tissues in the would is made possible by the collagen dressing. It takes on the Vital task in the healing of sores, and the largest part of that being from the first steps of the sore occurance as it halts blood flow. For chronic wounds, diabetic ulcers, burns, venous ulcers and pressure ulcers collagen based dressings are used in various conditions.

Stopping bleeding, absorbing exudates, working in all stages of wound healing process, creating a moist healing environment, not sticking to new tissues, not needing to be changed frequently and ease of use are the several benefits of using wound dressings.In the near future, a new kind of wound dressing is introduced that makes use of human collagen, which is cultivated genetically. A cool feature of the product is how it becomes molecularly biodegradable inside of wounds. Inner layer speeds up the healing action while he external layer in the dressing offers protection to the wound. Collagen is produced in the body when fibroblast is created by the dressing.

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