You Can Stop Grinding Your Teeth

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you are trying to find a way to stop grinding your teeth. This isn’t a rare condition because at least 20% of adults experience it at night, not to mention the hundreds of adolescents and kids who have the problem too. Also, many others have had to deal with it during the day. Since bruxism can damage or wear out the teeth, you would do well to look for an appropriate solution.

Muscle Relaxation

In some people, the condition is actually precipitated by stressful situations. Stress is what causes the jaw muscles to tighten and lead to teeth clenching and grinding. You might be able to deal with this problem best by applying the technique of progressive muscle relaxation. In this process, an individual who suffers from the grinding of teeth thinks and performs slow muscle loosening. Begin by clenching and unclenching your teeth and muscles. Make a conscious effort to gradually increase the period of time in which your muscles are unclenched. In some cases, the entire muscular system may be generally tense. In such a situation, it would help to progressively relax the entire body. This is a very basic technique that you can perform it even if you are working.


Stress and anxiety may have deeper roots than the usual issues at work or in the family. In these instances, grinding your teeth may only be one of the many health consequences. In these instances therapy sessions may help. The logic is that, dealing with the root psychological cause can resolve all other issues including bruxism.

Soothing Habits

There’s no need to pay a therapists hundreds of dollars if your problem stems mainly from insomnia that is caused by bad habits. You may become tense for example and start teeth grinding because your late night TV and coffee drinking habits are robbing you of your sleep. You can substitute these habits and stop the grinding of teeth with good habits that promote evening relaxation such as drinking milk, taking a dip in the bathtub and popping in a soothing CD.

Aligning Teeth

Misaligned teeth might also be responsible for the habit of grinding. People who have badly aligned teeth tend to grind more because they want to find a better bite. Your dentist Melbourne expert might have a couple of good suggestions to whip your teeth in line. Ask if you can have braces installed or if your teeth can be filed in some spots.

Grind Guards

One popular solution that you may want to try is a teeth grinding guard. These are plastic or rubber units that are molded and fitted over an individual’s actual set of teeth. These protect against wearing and damage by preventing enamel contact. There are different types of guards. These can be bought over the counter or they can be custom made. They can also be double wall or single wall, night wear or day wear and made of plastic or rubber. Your choice should depend on such factors as quality, durability and comfort.

It’s not impossible to stop grinding your teeth. What you just have to do is to pick an option that suits you well.

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