Diet And Get Thin…Fast

I just joined a gym yesterday in the hopes of shedding some unnecessary pounds of fat. My goal is to lose 5 lbs in the three weeks, but I want the fat to come off not what little muscle I have. I want to be trimmer, especially around my tummy and abs area. Because of it, I am having trouble getting into my favorite dress and pair of jeans. I had no choice but to settle for baggy and loose clothes. I am almost thankful I bought clothes too large for my previous self.

But in order to lose weight, I am not limiting myself to gym workouts only. I will also be moderating my food intake. I plan to go on a low carb diet. Not that I am swearing off carbs completely; I am simply cutting down on them. I will get started by eating cereal with no sugar in the mornings. I hope that a balanced and healthy diet combined with exercise will help me lose weight.

Let me enlighten you about this diet I have chosen to go on. Then I’ll explain what I propose to do at the gym. Low carb diets aren’t anything new; they’ve been in existence for a long time. In this diet, you will have to forgo cakes, breads, cookies, sugar and starch vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. I am a huge fan of desserts, particularly cakes, ice cream and brownies, so I know that the biggest obstacle would be giving them up. Come to think of it, perhaps they are the main culprits of all these extra pounds. However, there are some treats with no sugar that I can try. I just might be able to survive and actually stick to this diet!

I will also be watching my calorie intake while on the diet. I’ve heard too many stories about people who just eat really greasy foods on the diet and then wonder why they are not losing weight. A lot of people argue that calories have nothing to do with weight, but many others, including the Atkins plan, clearly state that calorie intake could be kept down by regulating their consumption of cheese, nuts and other foods that are high in calories.

Lowering carbs and calories seem to make sense when my goal is to lose weight. It might be even better if I manage to combine low calorie diets and low carb diets that have been known to work individually.

A good workout plan will also be integrated into my diet strategy. I’ve been told that lifting weights are more effective in increasing one’s metabolic rate than cardio exercises. Also, building stronger muscles will prevent injuries later I life. Cardio on the other hand will just leave you hungry and wanting a lot to eat, which can make your diet plan impossible to follow. It is easy to understand why many people are more partial towards treadmill and aerobic exercises and that sense of accomplishment they instill. Also weight lifting is generally done by men. It is easy to get intimidated entering a room full of men lifting weights. It is something I hope to come to terms with soon.

I am actually in an anticipatory mood towards this diet. I will try my best to keep you all updated on my blog on a regular basis.

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