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A good way to extend the life of your food is getting your food storage. For the uncertain times we live in and the rising food prices, food storage is a good investment. You will be able to extend the life of your food to the maximum, if you store your food properly and in the best possible conditions. Certain foods need different storing conditions. Some of them should be frozen and others can be stored at the room temperature. You can extend life of many food products is you freeze them. So, there are certain conditions you have to maintain in order to get the most of your food storage.

When you store food in your shelf storage, make sure it is in a dry and cool place. A lot of food items should be stored away from direct light. The temperature in shelf storage should be maintained at or below 70 degrees. Airtight containers are also necessary for storing food. If the original packaging has not been opened, you can store it this way. Or use a clean, clear airtight container. Those food items that you open are going to have only a half of their shelf life.

The right temperature for your refrigerator storage is supposed to be between 33 and 40 degrees. Make sure you check it regularly to maintain it constant. When you store your food in the refrigerator, use airtight containers, plastic bags and wrap as well as foil. These items are great for packaging food and store it in the fridge.

Your freezer storage should be maintained at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Place food in the freezer only packaged in special containers or material made for this. Proper food wrapping is the number one rule for storing food in freezer. Frozen raw meat will be good for up to a year as well as poultry. Commercially frozen fish and shellfish will also be good for 6 to 12 months. As for leftovers, they will be good if kept frozen for up to 3 months.

A lot of people have discovered vacuum packaging systems, as it helps to keep the food fresh a lot longer in the freezer, pantry or refrigerator. Vacuum system is a very useful food storage tool, created to remove the air out of the packaging and prolong the food freshness up to five times. There are also food storage containers that extend the food freshness. These can be used with staple food like sugar, salt, flour, rice, etc. There are many food storage containers you can use for your food storage purposes. And the whole food storage program, along with buying vacuum sealer and food storage containers, is a very good investment for your family.

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