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Possible disasters such as floods, hurricanes, snow storms, pandemics and others could interrupt your everyday life. During most disasters power outage is quite common. This means you will not be able to keep your food unspoiled in the fridge. To avoid illnesses you need to learn how to determine if your food is safe to consume.

To make sure your food products are in safe to eat condition try to keep your foods below forty degrees and your frozen foods below zero. However, you might not be able to maintain these temperatures if the power is out. To ensure that your foods last longer always keep the door of your fridge and freezer shut. You fridge will remain cool for about four hours if you keep its door closed. However it will get warm much sooner if you open the door. Your freezer will usually remain freezing for about 24 to 48 hours. If it is full, it will hold the temperature longer. Once again it will get warm much sooner than that if you open its door very often.

To make sure your family does not suffer from the lack of food you need to be prepared to possible emergencies. As you will not able to fully rely on your fridge during power outage, you should store other types of food that do not require freezing and cooling. Choose shelf stable items for your emergency food storage. Canned foods, grains, pastas and other products are great survival foods. If you have pets do not forget about them either and store a sufficient amount of their food. Along with food products you need to have a hand held can opener. If some of your emergency foods require cooking, make sure you have gas or charcoals for your grill.

Some other things you might need to store for possible emergencies are soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, female things etc. Do not also forget about candles, matches and flashlights with additional battery sets.

Aside from basic food products you need to store drinking and washing water. To make sure your food will be good and enjoyable to eat you should also store some spices, salt, pepper, seasonings, tomato sauce, baking soda, sugar, honey and everything else you might need to cook meals.

It is very important to make sure that your food storage will remain safe if an emergency occurs. That is why you need to think well about protecting your foods from possible disasters. If you live in a flood prone area, make sure your food storage is high off the ground. Some shelves may do the trick. If you live in a hurricane prone area, then you should probably locate your food storage under the basement.

Are you aware that food storage can save you from lots of troubles during all sorts of emergency issues. Find out more about food storage on internet.

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