Things To Consider In Every Other Day Diet

The QOD Diet (where QOD stands for “Diet System” or EODD) involves one day of normal eating shifting with 1 day of very light eating where dieters consume approximately 300-400 calories. It was created by retired kidney specialist Dr. John Daugirdas as a method for dieters to drop weight but ‘keep their sanity’.

Daugirdas emphasizes the diet has not been checked thoroughly and cautions that it is not appropriate for many individuals including those with a history of diabetes, heart disease, eating disorders, kidney disease, high blood pressure or stroke.

He even outlines what he thinks are the feasible spiritual effects of the diet and shows the advantages of increased awareness that might happen on days when dieters don’t have to focus their attention on eating and preparing food.

Through Every Other Day Diet Free Daugirdas states that dieters will definitely have the ability to stay clear of the metabolic process lowering effects of low calorie diets.

He emphasizes that it is necessary not to binge on the high calorie days but rather to consume a wide variety of healthy foods till contented but not overfull. Dieters are recommended to limit themselves to a single dessert serving everyday and also to stay clear of snacking on candy or cookies. On this day dieters are even recommended to consume a huge breakfast and limit eating as much as feasible after 7pm.

Generally speaking men should be eating approximately 1800-2400 calories and women 1200-1800 calories on the other hand this will definitely differ determined by the dieter’s age and activity levels.

On the reduced calorie day dieters are recommended to consume only 300 non-protein calories and 400 when exercising. Dieters are even provided a protein allowance so as to control appetite and maintain muscle mass. It is taken in small amounts over the day. Calcium and magnesium supplements are even encouraged about the low calorie day.

Daugirdas claims that dieters will definitely feel fine on the low calorie days because the design of the diet keeps the protein and mineral content high and this assists dieters to keep feeling strong.

Encouraged Foods

An crucial component of the every other day diet is veggie juices that are full off potassium and with appropriate sodium such as tomato juice as these help to lessen the feeling of fatigue and weakness whenever calories are extremely low. Orange juice and also low fat drinking yogurt are included as source of potassium.

A 4 oz serve of orange juice is even encouraged on the low calorie day when ever dieters feel extremely weary or have a uncomfortable reactions.

Fibers is included in protect against constipation which can happen whenever food consumption is significantly reduced.

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