What To Look For In A Dermatologist In Dubai

Your skin and hair are your pride and joy, but the harsh weather in Dubai is ridding both of their youthful exuberance. It is time to find a dermatologist in Dubai – but where do you start looking from? When you shortlist some probable doctors you would like to approach, here’s what you should look for in the doctor you eventually consult with:

#1 A calm and comforting manner.

Many people losing hair or breaking out in unexpected pimples are worried about what ails them. Unfortunately, most people try to look for answers on the Internet before they take a doctor’s appointment, which throws up some scary prognosis. More often than not, the Internet has dire answers for even the simplest ailments, so patients are quite jittery when they schedule a doctor’s appointment for a painful mole or a bald patch. At such a time, it is the dermatologist’s job to offer soothing reassurance and comfort the scared patient. The best skin clinics in Dubai have qualified doctors with a pleasing manner, so you might start looking for a good doctor there.

#2 Great communication skills.

Apart from a pleasant and non-judgemental manner, the dermatologist must have excellent communication skills. They cannot leave the patient in any doubt about what they are explaining, nor leave any ambiguity in the treatment plan. Apart from crisply explaining the problem and its accompanying solution, they must be able to gently correct the patient’s lifestyle and harmful habits without antagonising the client. Making the patient angry with a judgemental remark or curtness is sure to drive the person away from that clinic to another good skin clinic in Dubai.

#3 Easily accessible despite being busy.

Dermatologists are busy, just like other doctors. It might not always be possible for them to receive calls on their mobile phones or office landlines, especially when they are in surgery or consultation with a client. But that is not to say that your calls and emails should go unanswered, and that you are forced to make the trip to the skin clinic to get answers to the simplest questions. If the doctor is busy, their assistant or clinic receptionist must ensure that they call you back to speak to you in person. Steer clear of doctors who entrust their assistants to speak with you instead of communicating with you directly – no doctor is too busy for a quick revert for a few minutes!

#4 Giving enough time to the patient to explain their problem instead of rushing them through it.

Most patients don’t know which part of their issue is important and which is irrelevant. In any case, patients like to get into details when describing their symptoms, which is a good practice considering that every detail helps the doctor build the right diagnosis. If you feel like the doctor is showing impatience as you talk and wants to get to the next appointment, or cuts you short when you are explaining the problem, then it is better to make your discomfort or irritation known. If the doctor’s brusqueness gets in the way of you describing your problem adequately, it is best to look for a doctor that lends a patient ear and allows you enough time to get all the answers and ask several questions.

#5 Uses only the safest practices and products.

Dermatologists are a dime a dozen in Dubai and the UAE. But only the best doctors and skin clinics in Dubai employ safe skin and hair treatments and products. You can be certain that the best dermatologists use safe, Government-approved procedures and products when treating you. The doctor must also take the time to explain what a particular piece of machinery does, how the medicines being used in the treatment will be infused in the skin and hair, and so on. Apart from using safe and tested treatments, the doctor must schedule you for follow-ups to check on the progress and any possible side effects. We hope you find the right dermatologist and the perfect skin clinic in Dubai, and that you are able to build a long relationship that benefits your skin and hair health.

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