3 Advanced Fetal Procedures You Must Know About

Consistent prenatal tests and medical checkups are vital for healthy fetal growth. Intrauterine fetal deaths are quite common at any time during a pregnancy. The sad part is most of them occur due to preventable conditions like hypertensive disorders, severe anemia, ruptured uterus and abrupt placenta. Therefore, to improve maternity safety and ensure live births, expecting couples must be aware of certain fetal procedures beforehand.

Along with the mother’s current health, these have the capability to ensure reproductive potential in future. In fact, the regular ones can prevent delivery complications and prepare you for upcoming challenges if any. Further, there is a set of advanced fetal procedures performed by best pediatric cardiac surgeon in Hyderabad and other metropolitans. Every parent must be aware of each one especially in a high risk pregnancy. Have a look.

1. Open Fetal Surgery

This is mainly required for life-threatening diseases like myelomeningocele, sacrococcygeal teratoma, myelomeningocele and for removing Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM). The mother is placed under general anesthesia and an epidural is injected to ensure pain control. The baby is also injected with specific medications to prevent any kind of movement during the intervention.

An incision of about 5 inches is done on the uterus using a special stapling instrument to prevent blood loss. Another 10 inches cut is made on the abdomen. Lukewarm water flow is allowed to maintain the amniotic fluid level ideal for the child. The surgery is performed without detaching the baby from the womb. The uterus is then stitched back and the mother is awakened.

2. Fetoscopic Surgery

This is a minimally invasive method which includes surgery in the bladder and chest shunt placement, laser ablation, radio frequency ablation, bipolar cord coagulation and festoscopic endoluminal tracheal occlusion for major congenital heart disease.

A tiny incision about a size of a pencil tip is made on the uterus. A small telescope called fetoscope is inserted for a clear view on the ultrasound screen. The entire procedure is further guided by this visualization method. Both mother and the fetus are given injections to help with pain control and movement respectively. This fetal procedure is mainly performed by best pediatric cardiac surgeon in Hyderabad for laser ablation of placental anastomoses. This is basically the treatment for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. The surgery site heals quickly since the uterine incision is tiny.

3. Fetendo Fetal Surgery

This is the process where the fetus is intervened upon with the help of tiny endoscopes. It can also be done through a small perforation in the mother’s abdomen or through the mother’s skin known as percutaneous. The name ‘fetendo’ has been used due to the video-based manipulations which is similar to video games. This treatment is usually performed by highly trained pediatric cardiologist, such as those in Hyderabad to repair birth defects, relieve fetal bladder obstruction and similar fetal issues.

Fetoscopic Spina Bifida repair, Fetoscopic Tracheal Occulusion and and Ex-Utero Intrapartum Treatment are other procedures to assure good maternal and fetal health. Make sure to gather enough information about each one to be able to cope with the experiences better.

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