5 Natural Ways to Trigger Labor

It is best to let Mother Nature decide on the arrival of your baby. However, if you’ve moved past the due date for delivery, it might leave you impatient and worried. In fact, bodily discomfort, like pain, start becoming unbearable. Plus, it could harm the baby too, even leading to neurological disorders at times. So, at this point, a little external nudge to induce labor can be useful. There are ample safe and scientific ways that help increase the chances of delivery.

However, no technique alone can guarantee 100% success. Also, you need to consult the doctor before attempting any methods on your own. This is because if the labor has not started, there is a good reason behind it. Once you get the green signal, try the following at home.

1. Sexual Activities 

Yes, it might be difficult to have sex when you are over 40 weeks pregnant. However, it can be extremely helpful to get labor going. Semen contains prostaglandins, which promote uterine cramping. In fact, the cervix is also dilated, thus preparing it for delivery. Further, an orgasm helps release oxytocin, which can start the uterine contractions. However, make sure to abstain in case your water has broken already to avoid bacterial infections.

2. Nipple Stimulation

This can increase the chances of going into labor within 72 hours. This is because nipple stimulation jump-starts uterine contractions by releasing the “love hormone,” oxytocin. Massage, rub, roll or twist both nipples gently. It can increase the odds of vaginal birth. Don’t forget to book yourself into one of the luxury birthing rooms well in advance to prevent any last minute hassles.

3. Physical Exercises

If you do not have medical reasons that restrict activity, make sure to walk regularly. This is quite simple but might push the baby towards the pelvis. The weight of the head on the cervix can induce uterus contractions. Cervical changes are great for inducing labor. However, be mindful not to exhaust yourself. Even if the desired outcome is not reached, at least you will be in good shape for the big day ahead.

4. Castor and Primrose Oil

Castor oil is capable of stimulating the intestines to release prostaglandins. Studies have shown that proper oral intake can push you into labor spontaneously or within 24 hours. However, before taking the pills, make sure to consult a doctor at the best hospital for delivery in Delhi. On the other hand, evening primrose oil is known to improve the effectiveness of contractions during labor. It also acts as a cervical ripening element, which dilates and prepares the cervix for delivery. These oils aren’t harmful when consumed in moderate amounts. However, women with conditions like placenta previa must avoid certain herbs and oils.

5. Acupuncture

Get in touch with a licensed acupuncturist to be able to fully benefit from this method. Thin needles are inserted into particular pressure points throughout the body. This can stimulate the nervous system to release oxytocin and aid in labor. Take the permission of your healthcare specialist before opting for this. Mothers-to-be must know that if the baby is not ready, none of the methods will work. So, it is best to visit the best hospital for delivery in Delhi and consult an obstetrician.

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