Cost and Quality Advantages Indian IVF Centres Offer

Undoubtedly, the cost of IVF or In Vitro Fertilization treatment is one of the prominent impediments to IVF treatment.Moreover, the IVF treatment cost differs from person to person as the price of the charges varies from one test to another. 

Some couples might conceive a baby in the first IVF cycle, while others have to push it to two or more. On the other hand, some might end up saving a lot of money as doctors might advise them to go with a simple laparoscopic surgery. 

So, to know the exact IVF treatment cost, you should consult a trusted IVF centre in India,such as Apollo Fertility. 

IVF Treatment Cost in India:

IVF cycle or also known as the test-tube baby cycle has no end limit for success. The average IVF treatment cost in India ranges from 1 lakh to 1.3 lakh per IVF cycle. Therefore you might have to also pay even ten times the average amount because of rising health expenses. 

The growing number of diagnostic procedures such as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy has resulted in the IVF treatment costs rise. ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology covers all the fertility treatment options, and the majority of the expenses go through managing sperms and eggs. As mentioned above, there is no upper limit on which couples can invest in search of their joy.

IVF Procedure:

The IVF procedure includes extracting eggs from a woman’s ovaries to merge them with the sperm of her husband in the laboratory and storing the embryo inside the woman’s body. If a woman is unhealthy, a couple can also help a surrogate mother who is fit enough to deliver a healthy child after nine months.  

Interesting Facts About IVF Cost And IVF Treatment In Chennai:

  • Fertility clinics in Chennai and India charge quite less when compared to the ones located in Europe and the USA. The IVF treatment cost in Chennai can start from as low as 1,00,000 and goes upto 3,00,000 (1300 USD to 4200 USD), excluding meds and testing expenses.
  • According to recent research, Bangalore in Karnataka offers the cheapest IVF treatment in the country, which can end within 1.5 lakh for the first cycle. On the other hand, the 1.5 lakh excludes meds and stay, which means Chennai is perfect if you are looking for the cheapest and best IVF treatment in India. 
  • Apart from the prices mentioned above, the cost of stay and travel might also have a significant impact on the IVF treatment pricing. Therefore, you will have to select the best treatment option available after careful planning. 

However, welcoming your bundle of joy into your lives is the most cherished dream. And the hospital and its staff would be your friends and guide during this journey. So always choose the hospital after detailed research and analysis.  Make sure you opt for the best IVF centre and be happy and carefree. 

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