How IVF has become a ray of hope for couples battling fertility challenge

IVF treatment has become a boon for couples who would have rather lived without a child due to infertility 30 years ago.

However, advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology have made this possible for couples today. With the help of IVF treatment, couples not only can live their dream of becoming parents, but they can do so while experiencing medical conditions and making certain lifestyle decisions.

Let’s see how the IVF procedure has been aiding couples today fulfill their dream of starting their own family.

Starting your own family

During the past few decades, reproductive medicine has brought more focus and awareness to society about infertility issues and treatments. Even though the success rate of IVF today is 30-40%, it still makes a major difference for couples struggling with infertility.

Moreover, the IVF procedure has given a chance to such couples of becoming parents to their biological child.

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Advanced Technology for a healthy pregnancy

Advanced technology in the field of reproductive medicine has been aiding more than increasing the chances of pregnancy.

For example, using pre-implantation genetic screening, doctors can detect any fault in the embryo before transplantation. Embryos can also be implemented in the uterus with the help of advanced techniques such as laser hatching.

These technologies have made fertility treatments easier and safer for couples as well as practitioners. However, as these techniques are available in the select fertility centers make sure your IVF centre has these advanced facilities.

A boon for infertility issues and beyond

IVF treatment today is used to treat direct as well as indirect infertility issues. For example, IVF clinics in Bangalore and other metro cities in India are extending IVF treatment to cancer patients.

Women today can slow down their ticking biological clock by using social egg freezing. So they can take the chance of getting pregnant when they feel ready.

Cutting-edge technology to minimize technical errors

To err is human, but not when it is a matter of creating a life. During the IVF treatment, matured eggs are extracted from a woman’s ovaries. The concentrated healthy sperm of her male partner or donor is then mixed with the eggs or injected into the egg using the ICSI process.

This fusion of egg and sperm forms an embryo which is then implanted into the woman’s uterus.

During this procedure, there can happen lapses at any stage that result in the formation of a damaged embryo or no embryo formation at all.

Cutting-edge lab technology at your IVF clinic in Bangalore can prevent any such errors and increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Final thought

IVF has brought a ray of hope in the lives of couples struggling with infertility issues and other medical or lifestyle conditions. Advanced technology in reproductive medicine, however, has made the fertility process safer, minimizing technical errors and maximizing your chances of conception.

And you can get the advantage of these advanced technologies by choosing the best IVF clinic in Bangalore that provides such facilities. Choose the right hospital and get one step closer to your dream of becoming parents to your little one.

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