Positive Ways to Prepare for Your Labor

Positive Ways to Prepare for Your Labor

Birthing preparations are empowering yet challenging at the same time. It takes 2.6 hours lesser for first-time mothers to deliver in recent times than it did 50 years ago, according to a study by National Institutes of Health. There are several medical reasons for this, one of them being our lifestyle.

However, doctors at the best maternity hospital in South Delhi suggest various measures that have a meaningful impact on childbirth. They boost your odds of having a safe and painless labor and let you enjoy the process throughout.

Right Knowledge

Plenty of childbirth courses and free videos are available on the internet. Research well and get your questions answered by the top gynecologists. When you know what to expect, you are able to make informed decisions. Knowing the basics of the labor process will keep you from unexpected surprises. These simple steps will promote a positive experience and save you loads of stress.

Perineum Massages

When you are 34 weeks into the pregnancy, start massaging the area between the anus and vagina. Use one to two fingers and stretch the tissues. This way you prepare the muscles to function effectively when the baby’s head starts to move out. Make use of olive, coconut or almond oil. You can also use water soluble jellies or natural vaginal fluid.

Regular Movements

Make it a habit to exercise daily. This will boost your stamina, which you will need during labor. Walk around or practice squatting, so that you do not require any pain medication. You can also try yoga poses that are recommended during pregnancy. These moves will loosen the pelvis so that the baby moves out smoothly, without excessive pushing.

Proper Care Team

Emotional and practical support can help you stay positive and keep a messy delivery at bay. Experienced nurses or midwives can offer great care and help you cope with labor. They will constantly encourage and keep you energized. These women also tell you about several breathing and relaxation techniques. With the right people at hand, you are bound to have a safe and healthy childbirth experience.

Fetal Positioning

The optimal baby position is the one where it is facing the mother’s back, right before she goes into labor. Slouching on sofas or extensive car rides can turn the baby’s head towards the mother’s tailbone. This can cause tremendous pain and artificial assistance to pull out the child. Therefore, make sure to sit upright at all times and spend at least half an hour in the forward position, 37 week onwards.

Mental Preparation

To deliver the child without complications, it is crucial to manage your fears. Practice mindful meditation and avoid listening to horrific birth stories. Relax your mind and have a positive outlook. Read about positive birth narratives and prepare your mind for the big day. Know that doctors will help you deliver the child successfully in every possible scenario.

Do make a list of your concerns before entering the maternity hospital in South Delhi, so you can have all your doubts addressed. This will help you work through your fears and apprehensions. There is no need to hurry through the process. Take it slow and steady till the process is over.

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