Understanding The Connection Between Endometriosis And Women’s Health

Endometriosis is a physical ailment that occurs mainly amongst women within the age of reproduction. In this condition, the tissues that are found inside the uterus on the womb lining are also found on the other organs of your body. This is a condition that is found mainly in the pelvis or the lower abdomen of the body. However, this condition can also affect the other parts of the human body.

Women who have endometriosis can have different symptoms such as severe pain during the periods or pain during having sex with their partners. There are yet again many cases where the women do not have any symptoms. However, it can be said that endometriosis is a disease which has not yet been very ardently researched. This is a chronic ailment that can be found amongst women of the age of 17 to 50 or more.

This is an ailment that can cause a lot of problem for the women that can affect their relationships their social status, their general activities and movements and also their psyche to a great extent.

Impact On Relationships – As wide based researches and investigations have revealed the fact that endometriosis is a physical problem that can affect women’s relationships to a great extent. Here the man-woman relationships are meant, that include the chances of sex. Endometriosis is a problem that can cause a woman a lot of pain. This pain worsens during a certain stage of the monthly cycle after which it can ebb. This is a problem that can affect the nature of your relationship with your spouse to a great extent.

Infertility – as has been confirmed by some of the best gynecologists in Bangalore and also the other parts of the country, endometriosis is a problem that can also lead o infertility problems or difficulty for the women to get pregnant. All those women who are having infertility problems nearly 25% of them have endometriosis. This ailment harms the fertility system in more ways than one. It distorts the fallopian tubes, to begin with which causes a problem in the process of ovulation and secondly it also inflates the uterus, the eggs, and the ovaries.

Pain In Urination And Bowel Movement – Endometriosis is a problem that often has symptoms of acute pain while urination and while bowel movement. These are problems that can plague the lifestyle of any person. Women due to these symptoms can have problems in their studies and also in doing their outdoor jobs such as regular professional employment.

Financial Impact – Treatments for endometriosis can be quite prolonged. Although these days a lot of laparoscopies is being done for the ebbing of the problem, yet there is no surety of the fact that the problem will not return. Hence the financial taxation is quite huge.

Finally, endometriosis is a problem that can affect and torment a woman for years. This is an ailment that can affect her physical wellbeing, the ability of carry on a healthy and happy family life and also her psyche. Hence a quick diagnosis followed by an effective but gradual treatment is what is that is the most advisable.

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