5 Ways To Treat Your Skin This Season

Though life is beautiful and hassle-free in the UAE, your only gripe with the country is its hot weather. The UAE remains hot for most of the year, bringing with it arid wind that dries out the skin and causes rashes and tanning. The weather has turned warm once again, and you are on the lookout for ways to keep your skin healthy and protected this season.

You’re in luck, because we’ve got 5 important tips to share:

#1 Moisturise every day.

Your skin becomes dry and stressed when the weather turns hotter. In turn, it loses its natural ability to lock in moisture. As a result, the skin cells are unable to restore and repair themselves as rapidly as they should. Most do not rejuvenate at all and are discarded by the skin’s natural elimination processes. Collagen production is also hampered by these processes. Help your skin along by using the best moisturiser in the UAE, enriched with ingredients that aid cellular restoration and repair. We also recommend using Kaya’s anti aging cream, the Antox Vit C formula, to hydrate the skin and rejuvenate it at a cellular level. Make it a point to cleanse the skin and moisturise it twice daily to keep seasonal skin stress at bay.

#2 Use skin care products that suit your skin.

However, be careful about buying products that are advertised in the mass media: most have a generic formulation that may not suit your skin type. Besides, what works on one person may not work on another. Each person’s skin composition is unique, and every skin care product in the market is not a good fit. Your dermatologist is the best person to recommend the best skin care regimen and products to use. They can take your skin profile, assess existing problems and make their recommendations accordingly. If you are about to buy a product, do run it by your dermatologist before you make the purchase and start using it. The doctor can also explain the right way to use the best skin care product for more effective results.

#3 Eat healthy and light meals.

What you eat shows up on your skin in the form of radiance or dullness – so choose wisely! A diet rich with trans fats, excess oil, sugar and salt will result in skin that is dull, oily, and prone to acne and fine lines. You can trace most skin problems back to your diet, so eating nutritious meals full of vitamins, fibre, minerals, good fat and protein will keep your skin in fine fettle. We urge going with light salad, fruit smoothie and green tea this season to aid better digestion and speed up your sluggish metabolism. Your digestion will slow down as the weather gets hotter, so help it along by eating light meals instead of heavy ones. Also consume as much water as you can to get toxins out of the skin and body using the body’s natural waste removal processes.

#4 Exercise regularly.

There are no downsides to exercise, but its payoffs are tremendous! Not only does it burn excess fat and improve muscle tone, it also imparts shine to your hair and radiance to your skin. When you exercise, the heart pumps greater amounts of oxygenated blood all through the body, thus ensuring that your skin receives oxygen-rich blood. It also makes you sweat more, thus removing toxins via the skin and making it healthier. Regular exercise is also linked to better waste disposal, faster metabolism, improved digestion and better quality of sleep. All of these combine to boost skin health, lock in moisture and aid faster cellular repair.

#5 Sleep for as long as you can.

Sleep is the healing elixir of life! It heals minor aches and pains, improves your mood, sharpens your focus and above all, makes your skin healthy. But most of us don’t sleep enough, and if we do, our sleep is disturbed by overheated rooms, lumpy mattresses, noises from outside the house, light falling from the street lamp outside, and so on. Undisturbed sleep helps faster cellular repair, and aids the production of collagen. It also tightens existing elastin fibres in the skin, thus making it tauter and plumper.

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