10 Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures For Men In Dubai

It is the desire of every living person, to look nice and be desirable in other people’s eyes. But not every person is naturally blessed with good looks. Women, particularly, come in for a lot of scrutiny for their facial and body features, and are expected to uphold unrealistic standards set for beauty by the fashion industry. However, men are increasingly coming under pressure for their appearance as well. Fuelled by constant celebrity imagery and social media posts from influencers, men are expected to have perfect hair, skin, teeth and bodies at every age.

But what is naturally begotten must be obtained via other means, such as cosmetic surgery. The good news is that Dubai offers a range of skin, hair and cosmetic procedures for men and women. Men from around the world arrive here several treatments and therapies. The most popular ones are:

#1 Six pack creation. Every man wishes to have a six-pack just like famous celebrities do. But not every man is able to get the coveted abs with exercise and good dieting practices. Those who have tried to get six packs but have failed, can turn to their doctors for help. Leading body care clinics in Dubai offer aesthetic surgeries that offer ‘abdominal etching’ to suction off fat from specific parts in the ab area. When this fat is removed, the underlying abdominal muscles become clearly visible and the skin is tightened over them for a natural look.

#2 Tummy tuck. This is a cosmetic procedure to remove extra fat in the tummy area. It is most commonly used for women, but an increasing number of men are also opting for it. There are four types of tummy tucks to try, based on the doctor’s advice: Conventional (with an incision made around the belly button to reposition it), Mini Abdominoplasty (to remove skin laxity and repair muscles above the belly button), Lipoabdominoplasty (which combines mini tummy tuck and liposuction to sculpt the waist and offer a flat tummy), and Circumferential Abdominoplasty (to remove loose skin owing to abrupt weight loss).

#3 Pigmentation solution. Skin specialists in Dubai have perfected solutions to remove signs of hyperpigmentation from the skin. These solutions work on the principles of damage control and reversal, with a range of approaches that integrate laser technologies, advanced chemical peels and scientifically crafted skin care products to heal the skin from within and prevent a recurrence.

#4 Laser hair removal. Who says only women want to remove unwanted body hair? A lot of men don’t like to have bushy, furry limbs and chest area. The best hair removal solutions in Dubai encompass laser hair removal for men on their back, underarms, chest and limbs. The lasers target the coarse hair and remove them via a few sessions.

#5 Beardline shaping. You spend a fortune on having your beard line maintained. It also takes a lot of time out of your schedule to go to the salon for reshaping. Doctors in Dubai offer a permanent solution for this issue: it’s called beard line shaping, which uses a laser beam to remove unwanted straggly hair from the root. Thus, the beard line is permanently maintained and the beard itself needs an occasional trim.

#6 Hair transplant. Scores of men head to skin specialists in Dubai to get relief from rapid hair loss. While some of these problems may be solved by medicine and treatment, others might require hair transplants. The transplant restores hair on the head’s bald patches and if accepted by the scalp, begins to grow on its own after a few weeks.

#7 Face therapies. It is a myth that men don’t care about having a radiant, unlined visage. They wish to look great and offer a handsome face to the world. To this end, there are excellent face therapies like Hydra Facial, Carbon Facial, Oxygeneo and others that treat the skin’s problems and eliminate them to prevent acne, dullness, fine lines and age spots.

#8 Jawline definition. A man with a strong jawline and a chiselled face…that’s the stuff dreams (and superhero flicks) are made of. But not every man is born with the sculpted face that he would like to sport. So the next best thing is to seek help from a cosmetic surgeon in Dubai, who can inject the requisite amounts of Botox in the jawline to contour it. Doctors also use Ultherpahy to define the skin’s contours by spurring collagen production.

#9 Body contouring. This is another form of sculpting which offers high definition contouring to areas like the arms, thighs, hips and abdomen. The excess body fat in these areas is first removed and the skin is contoured to give the desired profile.

#10 Rhinoplasty. Also known as a ‘nose job’, it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Dubai. The city’s top cosmetic surgeons offer a range of rhinoplasties – Open, Closed and Revision types – to suit different requirements and nose types. The last one is a corrective procedure to repair earlier botched nose jobs.

Before you book an appointment…

Get a consult from a skin specialist in Dubai and also a psychologist to discuss your need for the cosmetic procedure. The psychologist must evaluate if you have any deep-seated body image issues that have prompted your decision – this needs extensive therapy and not cosmetic surgery. If your motivations are not psychology based, you may proceed to book the treatment.

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