Want your acne scars to fade fast? Here is something that might help

Acnes are like a nightmare to many. Most of us face with acne issues in our lifetime. Some of us use face acne in teenage life, which is the most common; some face acne in adult life, which is called adult acne. There can be different ways and techniques to avoid acne. Like for example, a healthy diet, drinking a lot of water, exercising, not smoking and many more.

We learned about acne prevention. These tips can help prevent acne to some extent, but not completely. So don’t worry if you get one acne or a few acnes, everyone does get them. One of the biggest problems post-acne is acne scar removal. Sometimes, we pop that irritating acne on our own, which leads to the formation of a scar on the place of acne. Acne scars can also happen naturally, even if you did not pop it yourself.

So, what are the remedies available for acne scar removal? Well, there are a few remedies available for acne scar removal. But these processes and methods take time and are for only those who are patient enough and consistent to follow the routine daily. Let us discuss some of the remedies and treatments for acne scar removal.


Dermatologists are the skin and hair experts and can guide you in the best possible way for your acne scar removal treatment. Different medications and treatments can be suggested by the dermatologists for acne removal as per your case. They scrutinize your skin and its condition due to acne scars and ask about your daily routine to better understand it.

Yes, sometimes the treatment can be costly or out of your budget, but the results are always worth the price you pay. One person’s treatment and medication for acne scar removal may or may not be effective for another person. Acne scars can be light or dark as per the acne mark. Most probably, the acne scar is always in the form of dark spots, which can be treated in many different ways.

Dermatologists recommend washing the face with cold water twice or thrice every day. They recommend using a mild face wash only when the face feels oily. Do not let your face get too dry, and do not rip off its natural oils. Hot water is a complete no-no for your face, as hot water can cause further damage to your skin other than just acne scars. Hence it is suggested to use cold water to splash on your face. Using facewash every time is not necessary.

Now let’s discuss some of the topical creams that Dermatologists love for acne scar removal. The most loved ingredients for acne scar removal are tretinoin, vitamin C, salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid. Tretinoin is basically a Vitamin A derivative, a plant-based nutrient that is the most recommended for acne scar removal. It treats the in-between layers of the skin, where the scar is present. Tretinoin should always be used on a prescription and, as per the advice, in low quantity. Vitamin C also lightens the dark spots on the skin to fade away acne scars. Hyaluronic acid is known to provide essential moisture to the skin and help in getting more elasticity. Salicylic acid is also a wonderful remedy for acne scar removal. All these ingredients have been effective in proper acne scar removal, but they should be applied as suggested by dermatologists.

Dermatologists recommend using Sunscreens regularly even if you stay indoors. Our skin is very sensitive due to topical creams and other medications when going through acne scar removal treatment. Sunscreen of at least 30 SPF is required to be used to tackle the harmful UV Rays in an efficient manner. If you need to stay outdoors, you need to reapply sunscreen every 3-4 hours.

A few regular visits to the dermatologist and proper treatment can definitely help in acne scar removal in just a few months.


Homoeopathy is a more natural and ayurvedic treatment for acne scar removal. This process needs a lot of patience as it is a very long medication practice as compared to allopathy, but the medicines cannot have a harmful impact on your body or health. Homoeopathy medicine also needs to be taken regularly for getting effective results.


Dermatologists have always recommended drinking lots of water to keep diseases away from your skin or body. The same applies to acne scar removal. One should make sure they drink at least three litres of water every day. They should keep track of their drinking to be able to achieve the target, and within a few weeks, you will notice visible differences in your skin.

Eating healthy is very important for acne scar removal. Eat more green vegetables, salads and maintain a healthy diet because this keeps the skin clean and fresh.


A few items present right at your home are claimed to be helpful in acne scar removal. Some such ingredients are aloe vera gel, pure almond oil, Vitamin E, apple cider vinegar, pure coconut oil, Multani mitti, orange peel powder and many more. For home treatment for acne scar removal as well, one should be regular and apply it regularly.  

Now we learned about different ways for acne scar removal. You can opt for any of these options for your acne scar removal, but always make sure you be regular and consistent in applying the medication or treatment. Remember, acne scar removal is a long, time-consuming process, and in many cases, the scar just fades or lightens to some extent and does not disappear. Acne scars are very common nowadays. Some feel very much conscious about themselves due to acne scars. You should accept yourself and not how you look. Acne scars are no big deal and should not be the reason for you losing your self-confidence.

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