5 Signs of a High-Risk Pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy comes with potential health problems. These affect the mother, the unborn child or both. The causes of this condition are overage or underage (below 17 and above 35), multiple pregnancies, lifestyle factors, high blood pressure, diabetes or genetic issues. But it does not necessarily mean that you will suffer from severe discomforts. Mothers will just require careful management by gynecologist in Bangalore to reduce complications. But studies have found that it occurs in only 6-8% of all pregnancies.

Yet it is extremely important to be personally aware of the symptoms. It will help you receive immediate medical attention. You will also get quick relief from pain and discomfort. Below are a few tell-tale signs that your pregnancy could be risky.

1. Vaginal Bleeding

Studies show that 30% of women usually experience light spotting in the first trimester. You can still have a healthy pregnancy regardless. But you must see the doctor in case of heavy bleeding. It is generally caused by growths or swelling on the cervix. The blood colour can vary from dark and light brown and pinkish to bright red.

All of these could be a result of cervical issues, placenta previa or ectopic pregnancy. It is all the more important to seek medical care if you see clots in the discharge.

2. Lower Abdomen Cramps

Mild aching in the vagina and pelvic region is harmless. It usually happens because the muscles and ligaments stretch to support the baby. But strong cramping and contractions are not a normal part of pregnancy. It is riskier when the pain is accompanied by blood. You might be entering a state of miscarriage, placental abruption or preterm labour. UTI, stones and appendicitis are other causes of discomfort. Call the best gynecologist in Bangalore or your residing city for help right away.

3. Persistent Dizziness

Excessive morning sickness along with dizziness is a sign of preeclampsia. Dilated blood vessels, pressure on the uterus, ectopic pregnancy, dehydration or anaemia are other reasons why you might be feeling uncomfortable. It is crucial to see consult your OB/GYN to avoid any serious conditions. Or else, the symptom can worsen through the trimesters leading to a fall and subsequent harm to the baby.

4. Burning with Urination

This is mainly due to urinary tract infections. The condition does not harm the baby. But it can spread from the bladder to the kidneys and urethra. This could permanently impair the functions. UTI can trigger early labour as well. Further, you might also notice blood while peeing which indicates bacteria infestation. Talk to your gynaecologist regarding a treatment plan. It is usually cured with few regular antibiotics.

5. Vision Changes

Early pregnancy can mess with your eye-sight which is alright. But extreme cases indicate swelling. This is usually due to hormonal fluctuations. Fluids start to accumulate in the lower body. An increase in the amount can force the liquid to get accumulated in the eyes. This is an alert towards something more serious. You must see the doctor if you have existing conditions like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia when your vision changes. Being mindful of these conditions can improve baby health care. Do seek medical advice from the top child and maternity hospital for a safe pregnancy.

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