Allergic Disease And Its Treatment

An unbearable disease to millions of people of allergy Food and medicines can cause severe reactions and shortness of breath from allergy to sneezing. In some cases, allergies make the slightest difference, and in some cases makes life miserable. Cleaning the house dust? Suddenly, sneezing and later breathing or flavoring of flowers, or cow’s meat, shrimp, hilsa, and cow’s milk, it starts with itching or bloating red skin in the skin. If you have these, you have to take allergy.

What is allergy Why and what can be avoided or avoided? A detailed feature is available today for the readers of the voice with expert advice.

Allergy is a type of dermatitis, but diarrhea does not mean allergy!

Most people think that diarrhea is allergic. But allergy is just one type of disease among thousands of dermatitis. Although the word allergy is very familiar to everyone, there is no end to misconceptions about this.

Sometimes we try to prevent the harmful things that are not harmful in our bodies as harmful. Allergic reactions to this body are generally not known to be harmful. If allergies, suddenly the different types of pimples begin to rise or the skin gets swollen with red wheel wheels and there may be heavy itching.

Sometimes the whole body swells and breathing, vomiting, headache, stomach ache, pimples, thin stools etc. Suddenly, there may be a patient’s death in severe acne allergic reactions.

There is no specific cause of allergic reactions. Everything in the world can be the cause of allergic reactions. The body and skin of each individual are allergic to certain types of things. All food items, wearables and accessories, cosmetics, mosquito-fly and insect-bites, surrounding dust-sand, weather, sunlight, certain medications, worms, trauma, and even anxiety can also be allergic. Those who have problems with asthma, eczema or allergies, have allergic tendencies more than comparable others.

Early and immediate treatment of allergy is given as oral, topical or injectable antihistamine or sometimes steroids. However, find out the cause of allergic reactions to correct and appropriate treatment and avoid it as far as possible.
Every human body has one preventive system or immune system, due to any disorder in the immune system, allergic reactions occur only.

Allergy Our body always tries to prevent disease by preventing harmful substances (parasites, fungus, viruses, and bacteria). This effort is called a disease prevention process or immune system. But sometimes our body is trying to resist many types of harmful substances that are not harmful. This abnormal reaction to the body that is not usually harmful is called allergy. The allergens that cause allergies are called allergens or allergens.

The main problems of allergies?

The symptoms of an allergic rhinitis or allergic rhinitis are continuous sneezing, scalding nose, watering the nose, or nose stopping, water from somebody’s eyes, and eyes become red.

Allergic rhinitis: Seasonal allergic rhinitis of two types:

If allergic rhinitis is present at a specific time of year, it is called syzynal allergic rhinitis.
Perianal allergic rhinitis: If allergic rhinitis is all year round, it is called peri-allergic rhinitis. Signs and Symptoms – Seasonal

Allergic rhinitis: frequent seepage of sneezing from the nose, and other symptoms are water by the eyes.
Perianal allergic rhinitis: The symptoms of peri-allergic rhinitis are like allergic rhinitis. But the intensity of the symptoms is low and the duration is high.

Asthma or Asthma

Symptoms are coughing, frequent breathing, bubbling sounds, or pressure on the chest, sometimes cold for kids. The main symptom of asthma is the symptoms, such as bamboo in the chest, breathing in and out of breathing, breathing heavily, frequent coughing can not be filled with lungs, stomach ache or breathlessness, sleeping in the night.


The effect of the articular skin is reddish swelling and severe scratching. If there is a deep level of skin, the mouth and feet can swollen. Articulars that cause swollen parts last for only a few hours but occasionally occur repeatedly. Articaria can occur at any age. However, among the short-lived articaria children and long-lasting articaria is seen in adults.

Concerned allergic skin inflammation / allergic contact dermatitis:

Somewhere in the skin, somewhere like a dry granule. If the skin is exposed to outer material or allergen, it is called allergic contact dermatitis.

Symptoms and Symptoms:

After the small blisters in the skin, the blisters break down and the skin gets out of the skin and the skin becomes reddish and itchy, the skin bursts in the skin. Eczema: Eczema is a hereditary dermatologist, which causes the skin to dry, itchy, shorts and reddish. As the rubbing, the skin becomes thick and sometimes raises. As a result, the skin appears to be affected by the skin of the germs, and the water is cured. It is usually seen in children’s face and neck and hands and feet.

Allergic conjunctivitis:

Symptoms: Itching and eyes are red.

Feeding Allergy:

Symptoms: Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Side-effects Allergy:

It’s very serious. It may start with the presence of the Allergen body. Below are the symptoms mentioned below. The skin becomes swollen with red and itching, breathing, breathing, and bouts of breath can go unnoticed, blood pressure decreases and the patient goes away.

General Allergy Generators:

Mite-molded fruit ribs or pollen Cold and dry weather, food products, fumes of dirty living households, and fungal hair worms, some types of chemicals, including bites of medicines, cosmetic ingredients, excessive scent or severe odor.

Required Testing:

Blood test: See whether there is a higher level of Eosinophil in the blood. Serum is only in IGER: Typically, allergy patients have more IGI levels.
Skin Prick Test: In this examination, the patient is tested with various allergens on the skin and in which test the patient is diagnosed with allergies.
Patch Test: This test is on the patient’s skin.
Chest X-ray: Before starting treatment for asthma disease, you must have X-ray chest tightening for any other reason.

Seeing the ability of sporometry or lung: This test can be done to correct the patient’s lung condition.
Allergy treatment is consistent: avoidance of allergen: When allergic reactions are found, it is possible to control allergies in a simple way when it is avoided.

Medication application:

Allergic reactions can be found in the treatment of allergies. Allergic vaccine or immunotherapy: Alcoholism is one of the most effective treatment methods and medicines, as well as vaccines are also suitable for allergic patients. The use of this method is available to avoid the side effects of corticosteroids. In most countries of the world, especially in advanced countries, he is being treated in this manner. Currently, the World Health Organization calls the treatment of this vaccine method as one of the leading treatments for allergic diseases.
This is the only medical method of allergy patients to stay healthy in the long-term. The idea was that allergies once did not get better once. But the medical system has improved considerably now. Initially, it is possible to heal allergic diseases completely.

If neglected and the disease continues for a long time it becomes difficult to cure. Currently, this method is being treated in Bangladesh.

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