Guidelines About Adding Food For The Cocktail Party

When you host a cocktail party it is a very entertaining way to have so great time with your family and friends. But when you serve alcohol your guest are sure to appreciate a few bites of food. As you are thinking about what to serve you should also think about how many people so you can have an idea on how much food you will need. As a rule of thumb, estimate six bites per person for every hour. However depending on the guests I would calculate a bit more then that.

Food that is great for your cocktail party would be mostly finger foods. They can be prepared prior to the cocktail party and they require little clean up.

It is a wise choice to have some napkins or paper plates also. This way they can mingle while they snack. And still not much clean up involved.

Your appetizers should be in a small portion basically one bite size. Good ideas would be mini cheesecakes, sausage rolls, dipped strawberries in chocolate are all great cocktail party foods. Pair up smoked salmon or caviar with martinis. Or make it really simple and offer cheese and wine.

Whatever the cocktail party food of choice you need to be sure that you enjoy yourself at your cocktail party as well. It will not be too entertaining if the host is nowhere to be found, it could in fact make some guests feel uncomfortable. So be certain that you choose something to serve that you are familiar with, something that you have made before. You should not have to slave in the kitchen when you are hosting a fun filled cocktail party.

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