Homemade Pizza

Where ever you go worldwide pizza is usually a favorite dish and has been adapted to suit various cultures and tastes.

Almost everyone presume that pizza comes but from Italy but it really began in Greece many, many years ago. The very first pizza’s were baked in wood burning stoves and also on earthenware but were different to the pizza we know today and included Greek Flat bread as a base.

The pizza that we know today was made by the Italians and comes with a dough base and both cheese and tomato toppings (along with a variety of other toppings including mushrooms, bacon, salami, peppers, anchovies, tuna, sweet corn, onion and ham to mention a few.

With the ability to add a variety of different toppings, pizza is versatile and can be created to suit a wide range of tastebuds. You might find that different members of your family like different toppings so it may take a few goes to make the pizza that is suitable for everyone.

Even though you can purchase ready made pizzas in the super markets, making your own homemade pizza is way better and is a great deal more healthier. Once you have your dough base (this can be purchased premade or made at home) then it is time to add a tomato puree base and add the cheese and varied toppings. Mozzarella cheese is the most popular due to its strong taste, but a wide range of cheeses are suitable.

Once you have your toppings added then just bake in the oven for approximately 20 to twenty-five minutes. Pizza’s can be served either hot or cold depending on taste, and are a great compliment to a salad or even served as a main meal.

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