The Healthy Indulgence

Any person can tell you that eating chocolate is good for your soul. When dark chocolate liquifies on your tongue it is as though the sweetness is released straight into your heart, making even the most awful of situations seem less impactful. This is the reason the very first thing many of us do when we are challenged with stress or depression is reach for a tasty piece of workman chocolate. But do you often feel guilty for easing your troublesome moments with chocolate? Well, you may not have to any longer!

Everyone knows a good piece of chocolate can ease emotional agony, but what if chocolate is good for the actual organ that is your heart? Recent research has proven that eating dark chocolate is very good for your blood vessels and your heart! Could it be this exquisite cure-all isn’t just helpful for delivering you a pick-me-up when you are feeling blue, but it’s also actually advantageous to your well-being? Many doctors say ‘yes!’ Now you can enjoy delicious artisan chocolate without troubling that you’re injuring your body while quelling your emotions.

Workman dark chocolate contains something by the name of flavanoids. Flavanoids come from the plants used to make the dark chocolate. These flavanoids reduce cholesterol levels, and lower the risk of blood clots and clogged arteries.

The flavanoids suppress your inflammatory immunological responses, which are accountable for heart disease. You won’t find flavanoids in massed produced chocolates you can buy at the pharmacy, but organic and workman chocolate are chock-full of the cholesterol reducing flavanoids. Workman chocolatiers understand that chocolate comes from the earth, just like fruit and veg.

The plants used to make artisan dark chocolate are organically and responsibly
Grown, and contain higher %s of the cocoa plant and smaller %s of other ingredients like milk and sugar. This is chocolate in its purest form!

Who knew! You don’t have to hang around for a break-up, a situation at work, or a terrible day in order for chocolate to be good for you! If you eat ten oz of dark chocolate each day, you may receive all of the health benefits workman dark chocolate has to offer! Now you can enjoy chocolate guilt-free. Health never tasted so delicious!

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