What Low Carb Snack Are Out There?

Despite our desire to be healthy, we can only do so much. It is a Herculean task, to say the least, to avoid those sweet cakes and sugar cookies when we are so tired and famished. During those times, I fervently wish there were more snacks suitable for Atkins as alternatives to those brownies and yummy treats. Soon I would find myself forced to stray from my diet by my hunger and all that temptation combined. It is easy to say that you can easily avoid being caught in those circumstances by keeping food on hand with you throughout the day; it is a harder thing altogether to actually keep at it.

It’s hard to carry any snacks around with you for when you just want something quick to tide the hunger. After all, most of the foods we cook wouldn’t fit into a small purse or your pocket. The thought of carrying around a spoon and fork to eat them with isn’t at all appealing either. There are lots and lots of great healthy recipes out there for low carb dieters to try, but unfortunately that doesn’t translate too well into low carb snacks.

Snacks have to be ready to eat, no heating required, filling, easy to carry, and not messy. And of course it should also be delicious! Just because a snack is easy to carry around does not mean it is perfect, especially when the taste is not at all palatable. That explains the scarcity or shortage of low carb snacks. It’s just so difficult to meet all those criteria.

What low carb snacks can you have then? Yes, low carb snacks exist. For example, there are vegetables. You can even find ready-to-eat celery sticks in some stores. You won’t have a hard time carrying them around. Whenever you’re hungry, you can simply bite into one. There isn’t a lot of satisfaction to be had, though, since it is not really very filling. Even after eating celery sticks, I still find myself wanting to eat something else.

So what else is out there? Another common low carb snack is nuts. These healthy snacks are low in carbs. There are many flavors you can choose from and they also come in mixed packages. Dried fruits are also often thrown into those mixed packets. The popularity of dried fruits and nuts has given rise to more variety packs. Now you can enjoy even exotic dried fruits and nuts, including cashews and Brazil nuts. Manufacturers make additional efforts to make these nuts taste even better. Unfortunately, they do this by adding sugar to the mix thereby making them unhealthy. Be extra careful when purchasing nuts. The ingredients should not include sugar.

It can be quite tiring to look for healthy low carb snacks. But it’s definitely worth it. It will be able to keep you in line with your diet and prevent you from cheating. You will be nourished with all the nutrients you need as well as keep your energy levels high.

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