Don’t Spend Much For Laser Stretch Mark Removal Till You See This

Stretch mark laser removal surgical treatment is something many people with stretch marks may be contemplating, now that the process is fairly popular and easy to access. While it can have a few benefits, we’ve discovered the negatives far outweigh the positive outcomes, and have summarized our findings to assist others determine if they would like to undertake this procedure.

There is much argument online and in the cosmetic surgery world about the risks of laser surgery. Reports range from the procedure being painless and relatively effective, to very unpleasant and causing worse damage to the skin than the stretch marks had caused. A few have theorised that those going through tissue damage from laser stretch mark removal may not have been caused by the procedure being hazardous, but to poorly skilled providers, a result of the popularity and development of the business. Whatever the reason, the risk stays, and it is among the things to think about.

The science behind the procedure doesn’t back up lots of the statements by those who practice stretch mark laser removal. Laser surgery cannot cure stretch mark scars, it operates by removing the outer layers of the skin. This can sometimes reduce the presence of the spots, but the skin damage stays.

Another factor to consider is the prohibitive expense. Laser surgery, while being cheaper than other kinds of cosmetic surgery, is still extremely expensive, with one session ranging from $500 to thousands of dollars. Most sufferers will require multiple treatments.

With all the disadvantages and only a few positives, stretch mark laser removal appears to be an unhealthy option for most stretch mark sufferers. If you are suffering from stretch marks, a better option may be some of the new creams on the market proven to help increase collagen levels in the skin and are proven to drastically lessen the presence of stretch marks.

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