Do we need to visit a dentist for kids’ milk teeth care?

Teeth are a milestone and a part of growth and development in a human life. People celebrate the eruption of first tooth in toddlers and narrate numerous stories with the first tooth fall and tooth fairy granting their dearest wish. But they don’t know that child’s milk teeth can also form the formidable foundation for the strong health and well-being for life. 

Due to lack of awareness, many of the parents ignore the primary teeth or milk teeth care. They feel the milk teeth will fall, and make way for strong permanent teeth. But the reality is contrary to the normal belief. Even when the teeth fall out, the gums health matters a lot. Because the gums only form the basis for strong permanent teeth. 

So, proper dental care has to be established as a part of a daily routine from toddlerhood itself. This is the basis of pediatric dentistry that brings to practice preventive dental treatments for a child and teen’s oral health. It cannot be denied that milk teeth have a direct impact on a child and even adult oral health. The earlier brushing lessons taught to a toddler about taking care of their dental health go a long way in terms of quality oral hygiene. Proper gum and milk teeth care will form the basis for healthy, permanent teeth.

Kid dentistry enables parent take charge of their toddler’s oral health and prevent any oral issues like cavities, gum disease or jaw alignment. 

Ideally, care of milk teeth paves way for the strong, sturdy permanent teeth for life. If the foundation is strong, only then strong teeth will accompany your toddler for life. The idea is to introduce your child early in terms of ideal dental regimen, and keep them motivated to work towards their oral health. That’s the valid reason why you must take your child to a dentist for their milk teeth care.  

What’s the right age to take a child to a dentist?

That’s a legit question. It might sound too early, but when your toddler starts teething between 6 to 12 months, precisely before his/her birthday is the right time to schedule your first pediatric dentist check-up. This is a key to protect your baby’s teeth right from the beginning and give them essential nutrition for a quality teething. 

What happens at the first dental visit?

Taking a baby for his/her first dental visit sounds like a big, mammoth task for many parents. The anxieties, fears and stress may make parents stressed first before a baby. But don’t get stressed as many pediatric dental clinics can ease this worrisome phase with their expertise. As a parent, your calmness matters the most for a successful first dental check-up.

The pediatric dentists know this anxious phase very well and ensure the fun-filled dental check-up experience. The ice-breaker introduction rounds make a child feel relaxed, comfortable and happy in child-friendly dental clinics. If a child gets nervous with new experiences, then we would suggest you to go for a dry run.

You can schedule your check-up before a child and let him/her observe you. Children are imitators. When they see their parents getting dental check-up, they might impersonate the dentist patient role play in a game format. 

In the next visit, the parents can get their child budding teeth, jaws, bite, gums and oral tissues examined. This visit usually lasts for 30 to 40 minutes. Make sure your toddler is well-fed and comfortable to avoid any mood swings. 

Milk teeth check-up or review is often prescribed by many dentists as a preventive measure to avoid any future dental diseases. ‘The earlier, the better’ holds legit in this case as this check-up will take into account your child’s medical and dental history and analyses key findings for potential issues like cavities, tooth decay or gum diseases. 

So, if you are ready for milk teeth check-up for your toddler, then do keep a tab about pediatric dentistry in Abu Dhabi for the best oral health and hygiene standards in the UAE.

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