5 Natural Childbirth Tips for First Time Mothers

Natural childbirth requires minimal medical intervention. It ensures easier and better recovery for the mother, benefits the baby in many ways and ensures lower risks of complications. These are the reasons why most pregnant women and the top gynaecologist in Delhi prefer a normal delivery. However, it is crucial to manage the pain while pushing out the baby. The discomforts are usually caused by muscle contractions in the uterus or cervix pressure. You can feel powerful cramps in the back, groin, thighs, and abdomen.

The good news is that these are manageable. For example, mothers are asked to focus solely on labour and delivery instead of the pain or vaginal tearing. Taking adequate measures beforehand can also minimize the sufferings to some extent. So, if you are a first-time mother about to give birth, here are a few useful tips to cope on the big day.

1. The Right Maternity Hospital

Pick the best premium birthing centre in Delhi which has exclusively designed beds in separate labour rooms. Make sure it has a comfortable and safe environment to handle all the requirements of birthing and initial recovery hours. The best luxury hospital for women usually has state-of-the-art medical facilities to ensure the highest quality care.

2. Water Therapy

During labour, try to spend as much time as possible in warm water. You can consider a bathtub or hot shower in the hospital. It is extremely soothing since the buoyancy can create pressure and offer the necessary support. This tends to ease muscles, release the pain on the pelvis and help you relax. But whether you can deliver in the tub depends on the hospital guidelines.

3. Proper Diet

There are ample foods and beverages which can ensure a spike in energy during childbirth. For example, moderate amounts of water, tea and broths are helpful. You can also go for shakes, cheese, and Greek yoghurt. Other comfort foods include fruits, brown rice and oatmeal can create a nutritious meal while in labour at a premium birthing centre in Delhi.

4. Breathing Techniques

This is one of the most effective pain management tricks. Close your eyes and practise rhythmic breathing. Take a deep breath through the nose when the contractions begin and slowly let go through your mouth. Another effective method is J-breath which is best practised while taking a dump. Blow through your mouth and imagine the breath moving out of your bottom. This way, the poop is released not through pressure, but breath. This technique helps during childbirth.

5. Have a Birthing Plan

This is a record of what you want to do during births and things you want to avoid. For example, you can demand midwives and not take epidurals. Plan this before you enter the delivery room. Further, this way you can also talk about your fears and anxieties which, if not addressed, can worsen the labour pain. Communicate your wishes clearly to the nurses and staff to ensure a peaceful birthing experience.

Consider moving around, relaxing from time to time and talk to your partner. These can help you pull off the event without too many complications.

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