5 Foods That Could be Bad for Young Hearts

Obesity or physical inactivity can cause heart diseases in children. Further, congenital problems can also lead to several cardiac complications. However, an unhealthy diet is a major risk factor that can impact young hearts. Therefore, it is important for parents to analyze the child’s eating habits and fine-tune them. For example, low-saturated, high-fiber diet is known to reduce the risk of heart disease. Avoid putting excess butter, fried foods, pastries, junk food and certain meat cuts on the child’s plate.

Being aware from an early stage and considering moderate consumption of certain foods can be beneficial in the long run. Further, have a look at a few foods that should only be rare indulgences or simply eliminated from the diet chart.

1. Sugary Foods

The consumption of sugar leads to the release of insulin in the body. More the insulin, the greater is the risk of being overweight. Subsequently, this leads to cardiovascular diseases. In fact, eating excess candies, cereals and toffees can increase the chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes in children. This could lead to heart attacks and strokes. In fact, sugar can also cause inflammation and high cholesterol, which are big threats for the heart.

2. Cheese

Cheese is packed with calcium and protein. However, too much of it is extremely unhealthy for young hearts. This is because it is also a source of saturated fat which gets stored in the stomach. Accumulation of fatty acid can be dangerous to your cardiac well-being. They raise the harmful LDL levels which can boost the risks of heart diseases. Therefore, the best nutritionist and pediatric cardiac surgeon in Hyderabad insist on avoiding excess cheddar, white, fresh, or hard cheese in a child’s diet.

3. Ice Cream

Limit ice-cream consumption to special occasions. Most brands add excess calories, sugar and unsaturated fats, which contribute to weight gain. In fact, these ingredients are a big NO-NO for the heart muscles. In case it is difficult to cut down, pediatric cardiologists in Hyderabad suggest adding berries and chocolate shavings which are comparatively healthy.

4. Fried Chicken

Chicken is an extremely nutritious diet for children. However, the nutrition reality changes when it is fried. Studies have associated it with blood pressure, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, try to remove the skin and cook for a healthier choice. Otherwise, simply bake instead of frying which is equally tasty yet safe for your child’s heart.

5. White Bread

These are usually made from refined grains that lack minerals, fibers, good fats and phytochemicals that promote a healthy heart. In fact, white bread is also packed with carbs which can cause weight gain. This subsequently leads to chronic conditions like obesity which ultimately leads to heart ailments.

Further, as responsible parents, consider avoiding pizza, soft drinks and potato chips. Instead, encourage them to have seafood, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Keep the fancy items for occasional days only. Get in touch with the best pediatric cardiac surgeon in Hyderabad to learn more about heart-healthy foods for your child.

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