5 Lifestyle Changes to Make the IUI Successful

IUI live birth rates per cycle is between 5-15%. It reaches 20% or beyond in some cases. This assisted reproductive technology introduces the sperm directly into the cervix. Many believe the IUI procedure is painful which is far from true. It does not involve egg stimulation, retrieval or gamete transfer. It is a relatively less invasive and quick way to improve the odds of pregnancy. But several factors influence the outcome. For example, fitness, age, tubal patency, sperm count and stress levels play a key role in the success rates of IUI. So, you must create a healthy environment for conception.

The first step is to lie down for 20-30 minutes after IUI. This helps the sperm get deposited inside the uterus. Below are a few other tips to boost fertilization chances.

1. Avoid Ejaculation

Males must refrain from masturbating for 3 days before IUI. This is crucial if you are not using donor sperms. It can increase the semen and ensure high-quality sperm. But do not avoid for more than 5 days. It might cause anxiety and diminish sexual pleasure. Doctors at the best IVF centre in Bangalore recommend sexual activities after the procedure is over. It helps the uterine walls contract to push the sperms towards the fallopian tubes.

2. Light Exercise

Doctors do not suggest rigorous training. These include climbing stairs, weight lifting or running. But IUI should not stop you from light activities. Make sure you are doing simple household chores, yoga or simply walking around. The goal is to keep yourself active and avoid sitting in the same position for long. This can improve blood flow to the uterus and the other reproductive organs.

3. Sufficient Sleep

Running low on sleep can affect the IUI cycle. It also has a strong influence on the egg since insomnia suppresses melatonin. This is the key anti-oxidant hormone that protects egg quality. Get enough undisturbed rest daily. It will reduce fatigue, stress and anxiety. Mothers are likely to feel refreshed and less cranky. Studies have found that women undergoing IVF had 25% more chances of successfully conceiving with 7-8 hours of sleep per day. So, this could be quite helpful for the IUI procedure as well.

4. Take Supplements

DHEA and Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) are quite helpful. These supplements are worth taking since they have a positive impact on IUI. But not knowing the right dosages might result in overuse. Do consult your doctor before consuming them.

5. Eat Fertility Diet

A healthy and balanced meal plays a major role in boosting fertilization. Add loads of nuts, seeds, eggs, oysters, oats, flax seeds and whole grains to your plate. Leafy greens, rich lean proteins, Vitamin D and healthy fat are helpful too. Cut down on carbs, caffeine and alcohol. Processed and baked items are to be strictly avoided. Try to eat 6 small meals daily. A simple nutritious diet can remove potential fertility roadblocks. 

Keep a positive mindset, avoid myths like the IUI procedure is painful to reduce stress and cut down on smoking. Stay away from harmful radiation as well to improve success.

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