Stay Home, Stay Safe This Season During Your Period

Your monthly period can be a messy affair, and even more so when it rains. Though you are largely confined to your house, you may have to make some trips outside. Hence, you need to be extra careful.

These are our simple tips to follow for a safe and comfortable period during the monsoon season:

* Carry extra menstrual pads and underwear.

The monsoon season is unpredictable and you can never tell when a sudden shower might disrupt your day. You could be out shopping or working at a café, and get caught in a downpour on your way there. Not only does this ruin your clothes, but it can make a big mess if you’re on your period and your underwear gets damp, too. You must be extra vigilant during this season to avoid messing up your period, especially if you need to be out of the house for a while. Always carry extra menstrual pads and pair of underwear for those sudden showers.

* Be sure to wash up properly down there.

You will notice that clothes remain damp for hours or even a couple of days when there are incessant showers. The high humidity and moisture-laden air do not allow quick drying. Now imagine what this does to the vulva, where you have a sanitary pad in place for about four or five hours. Your pad absorbs the menstrual blood rapidly, but the skin in your vulva and inner thighs does remain moist and damp. Spread over a few hours, the site becomes rife for potential bacterial activity. It is advised that you keep the vulva clean and dry during every period, but more so during your period in the monsoon season. We recommend using the best intimate wash for women from Nua, which foams and cleanses the skin at once without drying it out. Use it twice a day to keep yourself dry and comfortable even during the wettest downpour.

* Wear cotton underwear.

Further to the point mentioned above, we recommend wearing snug cotton underwear during your period. The fabric must let your skin breathe and hold the sanitary napkin in place – satin or lace underwear trap heat and may not be the best in terms of allowing the pad to stay in place. For instance, the broad back Sanitary pads actually sits on the inside of the underwear while the wings in front secure it. Cotton allows for a better hold than slinky fabrics like satin or lace.

* Consume ginger-honey tea to boost immunity.

Though you are largely confined to your home because you’re trying to stay safe from the ravages of the Coronavirus, the change in atmospheric humidity and temperature can make you ill. Sniffles, slight cough and mild fever are common during the monsoon season. Boost your immunity with antioxidant-rich green tea, or steep some ginger-honey tea for yourself. Ginger and honey provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to keep you safe from common cold and fever. They also provide some measure of pain relief during painful menstrual periods, by relaxing the tense uterine and back muscles. If the pain from menstrual cramps is intense, you should use the heating patch on your lower abs and go to sleep.

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