5 Effective Packs Of Ice For Skin Care

Skin-icing is a very popular beauty treat in the modern age. Beauty experts have been using it as spas and skin treatments for a long time. The beauty of the Korean world famous. These Koreans used to treat their forms in the ice. For many reasons, ice is beneficial for skin. Some of the reasons are:

  • It is quite useful for skin toning.
  • To prevent the bleaching.
  • Helps remove acne and acne scars.
  • The skin keeps movement on the skin
  • Let’s know several ice cubes recipe useful for the skin.

Use ice for roasting

Cucumber sweet ice cubes

Mix one tablespoon of rabbit juice and three tablespoons of honey in a cup of water. Pour it in the ice tray. Keep it refrigerated. When it is ice, massage it for 10 minutes on face and neck. Then wash your face with water. It is quite useful to clean the skin.

Alovera jail cube

Pour half a cup of aloe vera gel in the ice tray. Keep it refrigerated for 2 hours. Then it’s face and neck
Apply 15 minutes for massage. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory material in Aloe vera gel will help to remove sunburn in the sun, to remove skin irritation.

Raw milk and lemon juice

Mix equal amount of raw milk and lemon juice together. Pour it in ice tray and refrigerate for two hours. Use snow on the skin. Lactic acid in the milk removes the collar of the skin by increasing the collar bone. And lemon juice quickly helps to increase the brightness of the skin.

Green tea

Make a cup of green tea. Pour it in the ice tray. After the ice, massage the eyes down. It is quite useful to remove the black spots below the eye. As it increases the brightness of the skin, it eliminates the bloating.

Neem leaves and yellow powders

Mix two tablespoons of neem leaves in half cup water. Pour a pinch of turmeric powder with it. Pour it in the ice tray. Then keep frying for 2-3 hours. It is quite useful to remove acne from neem leaves and frozen ice pellets.

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