Tender Loving Care During Periods: Facts and Myths

Incorporating an intimate hygiene regime in your daily schedule, one that works for the entire month, and another one for when you are menstruating, can be demanding. It calls for you to always be stocked up on intimate hygiene essentials at home, in your work bag, travel bag, and your evening-out bag. It also means including all intimate and period hygiene essentials such as panty liners, period pads, and intimate wash for women, to your list of monthly personal care purchases. That’s precisely why a handy intimate hygiene checklist can make life easy for you. Here’s one that is sure to do so.

Endorphins-releasing exercise

Myth: There are two myths out there; you shouldn’t stress your body during periods and that you should not skip your regular exercise routine during periods.

Fact: You need to exercise, not exercise, or do a bit of exercise depending on how your body and mind are reacting to your monthly periods. For instance, you might be a highly active person on other days but if period days absolutely zap you of your energy, may be all you want to do is go for a stroll or spend a couple of minutes doing some basic yoga and breathwork. Similarly, if you are not someone who is being on exercise, straining your body during periods to release happy hormones might leave you feeling physically exhausted.

So instead of going ahead with popular theories, exercise only if it makes you feel better and indulge in a workout level that doesn’t drain you out. Do remember to use a comfortable sanitary napkin that provides maximum coverage. For a lot of women, the best sanitary pads are one that come with toxin-free and rash-free benefits.

Comfort food

Myth: Eating fried food or food with spices is a bad idea when you are having periods.

Fact: It is important to have balanced meals on all days of the month. In case of periods, it is even more important to ensure the right nutrition to ensure you don’t feel tired and drained out. Having said that, if you are craving a particular snack, having it in a small quantity might just uplift your mood without impacting your period discomfort in any way.

Period sex

Myth: Period sex is unhygienic/painful/ bad.

Fact: Period sex is a legitimate thing and it can help you tide over period lows. In fact, several women feel more inclined to having sex while they are having periods owing to their hormones. It is completely safe to indulge in the same. To ensure good hygiene during and after period sex, it is best to use a latex condom, keep wipes handy, and lay an old towel or bedsheet that you can dispose off later in case of blood stains. Alternatively, you can consider period sex in the bathroom to ensure minimal mess and easy cleaning post the sex. Make sure you use a fresh sanitary napkin post sex for good intimate hygiene and dispose off the previous pad. You might also want to use a gentle intimate wash such as Nua’s foaming intimate wash before and after sex for better hygiene.

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