Reasons And Treatment for Hernia Among Children

It is most unlikely to think that a hernia may be caused among the kids. But the fact is hernia could develop in a newborn during the first couple of months after his/her birth. A hernia is pushing of the organ or the tissue inside the abdomen through a weak spot in the muscle wall. Due to this, the extra muscle can protrude somewhere it does not belong to. This whole procedure of bulging of the tissue is known as a hernia. The appearance of a hernia is that of a bulge or a lump.

However, hernia in children is likely not considered to be a weakness in the muscle. Consulting the pediatric surgeon and taking their advice will help solve the problem and taking the situation under control.

Causes Of Hernia in Children

Weakness in the muscle wall in the organ of the children doesn’t need to be the reason for hernia in children, unlike the adults where the tissues get spoilt due to protrusion in the weak spot of the muscle. There are possibilities that babies are born with small openings on the body from birth and some of these may shut after some time. The other situation is that the children with these openings are likely to develop hernias if these small openings are not shut. The other reasons for the hernia are given below, and the best pediatrician in Hyderabad can be consulted for proper healthcare suggestions. 

  • The tissues may make their way through the openings in the muscle, which are only spacious for the arteries. 
  • Also, the strain or any kind of injury that is caused during delivery may be a reason because a frail spot may be left in the muscle wall of the baby. This is the reason that the nearby lasted organ may get the bulge and ultimately causing a hernia.

Treatment of Hernia Among Children

The pediatric surgeon must access all the hernias in the body of the child to know the accurate procedure. Some of the hernias such as umbilical hernias get resolved on their own and no special treatment is required for them. However, the inguinal hernias get progressed to become incarcerated or strangulated hernias which may or may not require surgery. To place the herniated tissue back at its correct position, the surgeon may suggest immediate surgery, and hence the abdominal weak spot will be repaired so that it does not occur again.

All ages of children can be treated for the surgeries of inguinal hernia, including premature babies. The recovery period is quite small for the kids, and the little ones are suggested to avoid all kinds of activities such as riding a bicycle, jumping, or other strenuous activities. The treatment and care for hernia is not a big deal as in the case of children, unlike adults. All that is required is proper guidance and looking after. Timely treatment will help the child to recover fast and he can be back to the normal routine soon.

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