The Best Birthday Gift for Your Teenager

The words ‘menstrual period’ and ‘fun’ are seldom ever mentioned in the same sentence. In fact, most women dread their periods, what with the impending change in wardrobe, sitting carefully, popping painkillers to help with cramps, and so on. Don’t let this be your daughter’s story – read on to know how you can make her periods better than they currently are.

Menstrual periods: Let’s make them more enjoyable

Gone are the days when women had to power through their menstrual cycles without any help or comfort. In your youth, you may have used bulky pads that felt wet all the time, and which offered little protection against leaks. Your doctor had to prescribe painkillers to help you through period pains, and these medicines often had side effects. There were hardly any good panty liners for after the periods, either.

But today, there are some wonderful options in menstrual products. Your daughter need not go through the same period problems that you did. She has a better choice in sanitary pads, panty liners and even heat patches to manage cramps and discomfort. If her birthday’s coming up, we suggest gifting her the most comfortable period ever, with a Nua Pamper Me kit.

What does the kit contain?

It might seem a little out there to gift your daughter a period kit for her birthday – especially if she’s been hinting that she wants a new phone! – but she will thank you later. The Nua Pamper Me kit is designed keeping the entire range of period needs in view. Far from holding just a few pads and other odds and ends, the Pamper Me kit contains:

  • 12 Nua sanitary napkins
  • 3 heat patches to manage period cramping and pain
  • 1 cloth carry on pouch with an attractive design
  • 1 lapel pin
  • 1 self love jar with stickers
  • 1 accessory box
  • 1 pop socket
  • 1 lavender scented candle
  • 3 stress relief activity cards
  • 1 sleep mask

Basically, the kit contains everything your daughter needs to manage her period flow, the pain of the period, and to keep herself gainfully occupied against the blues. It’s also got pretty stuff for her phone and room. Can you think of a better gift for her to have the most comfortable period that she’s ever known?

Why Nua for the best periods

Nua understands how a woman needs to feel protected and cared for during her period. It is a time of several hormonal changes and physical discomfort, not to mention changes in mood and emotional health. With the physical discomfort taken care of, the emotional aspect begins to improve too.

Nua sanitary napkins offer the thinnest, driest and most comfortable period protection even on the most heavy flow days. The pads offer rash-free protection, so you do not feel skin irritation. Plus, they are highly absorbent, so you won’t have the constant moist feeling synonymous with periods. Meanwhile, Nua panty liners are designed to absorb spotting and white discharge before and after the period, to keep you dry and protect your underwear from wet patches and staining. And the Nua heating patch takes care of cramping pain in the lower abdomen – it sits comfortably on the body and warms up using body heat. It can work for up to 8 hours at a time and is perfect for heavy flow days when the cramps get worse.

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