4 Must-Haves for Your Next Period

A menstrual cycle is an innate part of being a woman. You can’t help having them, but going through them is never simple. You have to contend with changes in your body and mood. Your skin and hair become extra greasy, and you feel bloated around your middle. Then there are the swift changes in your mood before and during your period, because your hormones are on an overdrive. Once the period begins, you must deal with the flow and period pains.

There are a few things you can do to make your periods less stressful for yourself. Let’s start with getting the following 4 must-haves for your next period:

1 The best sanitary pad.

If you use sanitary pads for your period, you must have the right one at your disposal. The best sanitary pad makes all the difference between a great period and a bad one. A bulky pad that does not absorb menstrual blood quickly, or which does not offer leakage protection, or worse, which causes skin irritation, must be junked at once. If this has been your experience with most sanitary towels so far, we recommend switching to Nua pads. With their light and super dry upper layer, rapid absorption, 0% toxins that result in rash-free use, and a wider back, these are arguably the best sanitary pads you will ever use.

#2 A heating patch.

Period pains are a real thing – you feel a sudden cramping that makes you double over. It happens because the uterus contracts to release the lining and extra blood. The pain can be severe enough to confine you to your bed. Heat therapy often works in relieving period cramps, which is why a lot of women go to bed with hot water bottles. But we have a better solution to offer, one which does not involve filling a hot water bottle or potentially burning your skin. Use the self-warming Nua heating patch for the ultimate in cramp comfort. Simply place the patch on your lower abdomen and let it warm up using your body heat. You can keep it on for up to 8 hours at a time. The patch relaxes your painful and tense muscles, thus relieving discomfort and pain.

#3 Foaming intimate wash.

Oh, that icky feeling during your periods! You may change your pads every few hours, but there’s no getting away from the fact that you feel unclean down there. Here’s a simple fix: give yourself at least two washes a day with a good intimate wash for women. Make sure it is pH balanced for your vulva and that it foams and washes off easily with water. Use it during your shower, and for a couple of days after your period to feel clean and dry.

#4 Panty liners.

Panty liners are a must before and after your period. You will experience an uptick in white discharge before your period begins. This signals the end of the ovulation and fertile cycles, and the impending start of your menstrual period. The discharge may not be excessive, but it is sufficient to give you a wet feeling and cause staining in your underwear. Even after your period is over, you might experience some spotting every day. For both these situations, we recommend using a good product like the Nua panty liner to keep yourself dry and your underwear protected from stains.

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