Hair Removal Care Tips For The First-Timers

Most individuals have hairs at places they do not want and thus they do different things to remove them – whether it is waxing, using a hair remover cream, or a razor for women. These hair removal methods can cause various skin issues like irritation, dryness, or ingrown hair. Aftercare is one of the essential parts of hair removal. So, below are a few tips to take care of your skin after a hair removal process especially if you are a first-timer:

Care For Ingrown Hair After Waxing

Waxing is a wonderful, long-lasting method for getting rid of your unwanted hair. You can easily go 3-4 weeks without stubble with waxing. Though it is costlier and time-consuming, waxing can give you smooth and glowing skin. It also helps reduce the regrowth of hair when done properly. However, the only downside to waxing is ingrown hair. To avoid ingrown hairs, you should keep your skin exfoliated. Removing the hair in direction of your hair growth also can help decrease the risks of ingrown hairs.

Care For Razor Burn After Shaving

Shaving is a simple and affordable method to remove your hair, but it comes with the risk of cutting yourself accidentally. There is also a risk of razor burn. For those who are prone to razor bumps, you can use a shaving lotion consisting of benzoyl peroxide. Using glycolic acid body washes and lactic acid creams regularly can also keep your skin exfoliated. If you shave, you also need to moisturize your skin to avoid itchy and flaky patches.

Care For Skin Irritation After Using Hair Removal Creams

Using hair removal creams is an excellent option for those urgent needs. However, the chemicals in hair removal creams can be sometimes harsh on sensitive skin and can frequently have allergic reactions to any ingredient in the cream. Some of them have a weird smell as well. Ensure that the area where you plan to use a hair removal cream is dry and clean. You should also not apply any lotion or cream on your skin before the treatment.

Care For Pigmentation After Laser Hair Removal

The laser is a permanent method for removing unwanted hair and can be a great investment. However, the laser can be a painful and costly method. It is not an ideal option for everybody as it attacks pigment or melanin in the skin, leading to discoloration. Aftercare following laser treatment is guided in the best way by the individual providers. But it usually includes using a good sunscreen, a gentle cleanser, and hydrating cream moisturizers for sun sensitivity, peeling, or irritation. Stick to those to get long term results. If you have swelling or redness on your skin, use aloe vera gel for 2-3 days.

Hair Removal is an optional process. However, if you choose to do it, ensure to protect the skin from any kind of irritation. Be safe when your skin is considered.

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