What precautions should an oily skin person take in summer?

People having oily skin may have to face certain skin disorders like acne, blackheads, etc. in summer. It’s because of the clogged pores on the skin. Due to them, it becomes challenging to take care of the skin in this season. 

One has to follow some preventive measures for fighting the consequence of oily skin. If you don’t want to see acne breakouts on your skin, it is advised to use an oily skin face wash. However, it’s not the only precaution to take. Some more tips are there that you have to adopt in your daily life. And we will be discussing them here. 

Cleansing your Face

Keeping your face oil-free is not easy in summer because of sweating and the accumulation of dead cells in the clogged pores. Still, you have to keep the excess oil away from your skin to get rid of acne. 

To a certain extent, oil is good for your skin as it moisturizes and makes it smoother. But, the excess of it is harmful. So, be careful in choosing a face wash for oily skin that will only remove extra oil.

If you haven’t found any such oily skin face wash yet or you want to replace your regular face wash, it’s better to use Medimix anti-acne oil clear face wash. 

This is the perfect solution to combat the effects of the summer season and the overproduction of sebum from your skin. And you know what? Only herbal ingredients have been used in the manufacturing of this product. The composition of honey and besan retains the moisture after stripping off the extra oil. 

By using Medimix oily skin face wash or even its neem face wash, you will observe a rapid improvement in your skin health. And all this is possible because of the presence of naturally available substances. 

Avoid Exposing Skin to Sunlight

We know it’s not possible for a working person to avoid sunlight but you must know that it leads to an increased amount of oil secretion. At the same time, your skin sweats can aggravate your skin condition. It will look dull and oily and even you are at the risk of catching sun tanning. Thus, always wear sunglasses and a hat and if possible, spend time indoors in the afternoon. 

Eat Healthy

What you eat reflects on your skin. If you love eating junk, oily, spicy, fatty, or sugary foods, forget to manage your skin. You have to follow healthy eating habits that will be beneficial to your body as well as your skin. Try to consume green vegetables and especially those containing a high amount of Vitamin A. This habit will manage and lower down the oil production. 


Women should restrict the application of makeup on their faces in summer and remove it before going to bed. In addition, anyone having oily skin must wash their face twice or thrice instead of frequent washes. So, these are some precautions apart from the above that are necessary to follow in the summer season. 

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