5 Facts Your Child Specialist Wants You to Know

According to the standard norm of 1 paediatrician per 10,000 population, India has the second-largest association of paediatricians. That is the Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) which houses nearly 23,000 members. The figures also imply the increasing importance of paediatric care. So, take your child to the best child specialist in Delhi for regular paediatric check-ups. Such a professional specialises in treating the health concerns of kids. Any condition detected early can be treated timely.

Here are 5 things that a child specialist wants to inform you about.

5 Facts a Child Specialist Wants You to Learn

1. Immunization is Safe

Vaccinations won’t make your child prone to autism or other problems you worry about. Instead, immunizing kids on time with all the necessary doses can protect them up to 90% against vaccine-preventable conditions. These include diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, measles, tuberculosis, polio and more.

So, keep the baby vaccination chart given by your child specialist in Delhi Handy. You can know the precise timing of children’s immunizations in your location. If your child needs vaccine shots now, visit a children’s hospital that closely follows covid-19 safety protocols.

2. High Fever Isn’t Always Risky

When your kid’s temperature rises from 100 to 103 degrees on the thermometer, it’s the result of the same infection. Besides, a high fever doesn’t imply that the infection has become more serious. It’s just that everyone’s body is different. So, some children may run hotter compared to others due to an infection.

3. Milk Must be Served Wisely

Don’t think that serving glasses after glasses of milk can infinitely boost your child’s bone health with calcium. Rather this may backfire. Children must take only 1-2 cups of milk daily to grow strong bones. Too much intake of milk might check iron absorption and contribute to anaemia. Instead, ensure that your child also eats other calcium-rich foods like green leafy veggies, cheese, and yoghurt.

4. Toilet Issues are Mostly Normal

Your kids may not be dry at night even after they receive toilet training. And this is usually normal. About 15% of children aged 5 years wet the bed which continues at age 7 for 10% of kids. This is particularly common if a kid sleeps soundly or one of the parents used to wet beds.

5. Children’s Weight Must Be Taken Care Of

Many kids are becoming overweight or obese nowadays. But you can take steps so that your child has a healthy weight. Do your kids crave chips or sweetened juices all the time? They won’t once you stop buying these food items so that they’re not available to children. Also, set a good example. Kids imitate elders. Eat healthy so that they practice the same. This goes for all the habits that help maintain good health.

Last few tips! Try to give children enough family time to build a healthy bonding. Always check with the doctor first instead of trying natural remedies to treat a sick kid. Also, be honest with children about paediatric visits so they’re mentally prepared.

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