Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician

When it comes to child care, the presence of a pediatrician is crucial. Children below 5 years are vulnerable to diarrhoea, malaria and pneumonia, which can be managed with antibiotics and timely health care, according to an article on UNICEF. Thus, regular check-ups, proper diet, completing vaccination schedules and monitoring infant growth for developmental milestones are unavoidable.

But, with so many options, how to pick the right doctor for your child? It is sure a challenging task but these tips can help you sail through smoothly.

=>  Credentials and Experience

Both the factors go hand in hand.  After short-listing a few pediatricians, look at their profiles for education qualifications, trainings and medical schools. Check for board certification to ensure necessary skills like child care, communication skills and medical knowledge.
You should be able to call them for any allergies, infections and routine tests. They must be experienced enough to find out the root cause and offer quick solutions.

=>  Take Referrals

There’s no need to go on the pediatrician hunt alone. Consider recommendations from family, friends and neighbors. Ask your gynecologist, primary care physician or heath care professionals at children’s’ hospitals in Hyderabad to suggest a trustworthy doctor for your baby.

=>  Check the Testimonials

Search online for patient reviews to know the doctor’s approach, wait times, treatment methods and their general behavior around kids. Testimonials will help you figure out if they work in the best interest of patients. The doctor must be able to offer services at odd hours in case of emergencies. Check the patient satisfaction scores and ratings on different websites before booking your first appointment.

=>  Doctor’s Location

Make sure the children’s hospital in Hyderabad is not too far from your home. This might be risky in case the little one requires frequent or urgent medical attention. Also, most babies will require seeing the doctor after every 2-3 months in the initial years. Therefore, choosing someone nearby would be convenient.  Road congestion is a major issue in the city. So, even if the pediatrician’s chamber is located at a huge distance, find alternate routes to reach faster.

=>  Communication Style

Choose a doctor who will offer a comfortable patient interaction. They should welcome questions about intensive care units, health care practices and overall well-being of your child. In the first meet, see whether the baby is cheerful and relaxed around them. The pediatrician must help you take informed decisions and consider your treatment preferences. They must also be available on calls and messages in case you are unable to visit.

=>  Hospital Environment

The best hospitals must have separate waiting area for sick and normal babies. The staff must be available to assist you in case you’ve forgotten the essentials. Check for a well-ventilated, sanitized and positive space. Look for children’s hospitals in Hyderabad, which have well-established paediatric departments. If your doctor is unavailable for some reason, they should be able to provide alternative assistance through another specialist. Lastly, there should be enough amenities to keep toddlers busy in case of long waiting hours.

Choosing a pediatrician is one of the most important decisions. Invest enough time to pick the one you are happy with.

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