Comparing Anti-Anxiety Medication Against Natural Cures For Panic Attacks And Acute Anxiety

Tired of trying so called Cures For Panic Attacks and failing to see any results? There is one fantastic method for beating anxiety, stress and even physical pains and that is laughter. Dr. Patch Adams was a firm believer in using laughter to help the ill and they even made a movie about him! Science proves that laughter boosts the body’s immune system and improves oxygen flow around the body.

Laughing causes a number of chemicals including endorphin to be released, numbing pain and creating feelings of euphoria. Laughter is the nemesis of anxiety and stress. Laughing is something that everyone can do, but I guess the difficult part is finding something to laugh about. Look for some comedy sitcoms like The Office, The Simpsons or anything that amuses you. If you miss the shows, go to the local video rental store and watch them when you have time.

You can also watch hundreds of funny videos posted on video sites online. Even smiling can cause natural opiates to be released making you feel relaxed and content. Laughter makes you forget about stress and give you a break from anxiety. Suffering from lengthy bouts of stress or extreme stress can harm both physical and mental health. What’s more, stress can aggravate anxiety disorders and cause unwanted physical symptoms.

When a person gets into a cycle of worry and fear, they begin to experience Panic Symptoms such as a racing heart, sharp pains in the chest, hot flashes and feelings of dread. Thoughts and feelings of dread and doom might be hard to let go. Sleep might be affected and they risk developing other conditions such as insomnia and depression.

There couldn’t be a more enjoyable way in managing panic attacks than through laughter. We’ve all had stressful moments that seem to affect the rest of the day. This is because stress hormones that are released into the body take time to expel. Laughter can help expel these harmful chemicals. Exercise and relaxation are also solutions for reducing these harmful chemicals from the body. Other than being natures cures for panic attacks they are great for overall health and wellbeing.

Relaxing activities that help you release tension and unwind are good for you. Activities such as reading, walking and listening to calming music are just some to choose from. Spending time relaxing helps you get away from stress and anxieties that might otherwise be plaguing you. Meditating, taking a long hot bath and having an oil massage are deeply relaxing and beneficial for health. The use of essential oils can be applied to all of the mentioned practices to add that extra bit of sensory stimulation.

With numerous health benefits that exercise can provide, you would think more people would take it up. A staggering two-thirds of the population is overweight. Those that are overweight raise their chances of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and various mental illnesses. Apart from reducing your risk of various health issues, exercise also strengthens you immune system. Physical exercise can also burn up harmful chemicals in your body that are released during stress.

Physical exercise is a great way to let off steam and get out all of your stresses and anxieties. Moreover, exercise doesn’t have to be boring it can actually be fun. Why not give something different a go like Yoga, kickboxing or a sport such as tennis. Fancy something extreme? Then try wakeboarding or snowboarding. As simple as these alternative cures for panic attacks seem, they are often overlooked. For more tips on managing panic attacks check out the video below.

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