Learning about Multiple Types of Depression

Depression is complex. Depression can fester and get worse over a long period of time without being noticed . Researchers know that different types of depression will afflict 15 million people in the USA annually. 2/3 of these people, according to estimates, won’t seek help for depression. In many cases the afflicted do not even realize that they are ill. It is normal in this day in age to fall prey to the stress that rules our lives. It’s more difficult to navigate the obstacles in life. Many families are surviving week to week. The recent economic crises has created even more pressure to obtain and hold a job. Stress can be one of the main causes of depression.

There are a lot of types of depression. Some of the labels mean the same thing. There is mental depression, medical depression, clinical depression and manic depression. There is also severe depression that alludes to the final stages of the disease. Depression is brought on by many associating factors. One school of thought holds that it’s due to chemical imbalances, simple biology. Depression can also be caused genetically from your family history. If your mother and great grandmother suffered depression it’s possible you will too.

The same issues can give birth to many different types of depression. Substance abuse often leads to depression. Alcohol or drugs both show links to depression. The death of a family member can increase the chance for depression. Mental depression has taken a bad rap down through history. Prior to mental illness being recognized as a disease it was considered by many to be a personal defect. As a result treatment wasn’t applied in a way that could help the patient. Every stage of depression has its ill affects. That’s why early detection is vital to treatment.

When depression becomes severe depression then medical care is a must. Suicide often takes place in this final phase. The calls for assistance weren’t answered and now the chance to solve the problem is fading. Treatments include a combination of talk therapy and prescription drugs. Also available are support groups that can help. Natural herbs have also been found to work. Help is out there no matter the type of depression. If lingering signs of depression exist then please seek help. Normal cures for depression may possibly involve a combination of antidepressants, psychotherapy, nutrition and alternative holistic remedies, similar to acupuncture.

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