Reasons To Cleanse The Feet Of Unsightly And Horrible Fungus

Many people who play sports or work extremely long hours lay themselves open to a particularly bad disease of the foot that is notoriously hard to be rid of. At the Long Island laser fungal toenail center, they have discovered a way to cure this disease in less than one hour. toenail fungus laser treatment consist of just shining a light on the nail-bed to kill off the spores that create such an unsightly vision.

Of course, it is not easy for anyone to admit that they have this kind of problem. Very often they will just make excuses about why they do not want to swim today, or why they cannot go barefoot when walking on the beach etc. But more often than not it is because they are ashamed or embarrassed to show this ugly infection to the world at large.

But the effect of keeping shoes on all day, and through the evening, is what begins the problem which turns into something that looks horrible if not dealt with. Sweating throughout the day gives just the right environment for spores to multiply and spread to adjoining toes which is hard to shift.

It is advisable, where possible, to only wear natural shoes or socks particularly if the weather is warm. Cotton and leather are both acceptable, as well as the new ‘breathable’ style fabrics to let out any sweat build up. Also using specific powders which athletes use or the ones which discourage spore growth will help to hold the disease at bay.

Of course, in the ideal world we would be walking barefoot whenever it was possible. At the very least we should try to change shoes at least once a day to give the feet something fresh to slide into. Another good idea is not to wear the same shoes day in and day out. This gives the shoes worn the previous day a chance to recover from the punishment.

Moisture is what these spores need to survive so when taking part in sports that makes the person sweat is where the problem can begin. Wet changing room floors; coming from swimming and not drying the feet properly; both are prime examples of the cause of this disease.

Once the problem is there, then visiting one of these clinics which offer the light treatment is probably the only way to deal with it. Special lights are shone through the nail onto the nail-bed where it destroys any spores lurking there. It only takes about half an hour and is painless.

Most people will find that there is no pain attached. Those who have commented on the feeling say that it is a kind of warming sensation or a pin prick. Either one is not uncomfortable so having this work done is as easy as booking an appointment and going along. It surely must be better than painting on all kinds of toxic chemicals onto the feet which can be harmful to many. Liver and kidney damage can occur after some time.

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