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Avoid the triggers and improve your asthma condition

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No matter what asthma medication or asthma treatments you are using, reducing the negative effects of asthma relies on avoiding the asthma triggers as well as you can. The irritation of your breathing passages can be reduced if you live and work in a clean environment and if you keep pollen and dust away. If your asthma condition gets worse or better, write it al down and see which particular environments are positive or negative towards your asthma.

Is exercise an asthma trigger?

This is a fairly common question and in almost every case it is a good idea to exercise even if you do have asthma. Some patients notice that their asthma gets worse after exercising, but if you keep your asthma inhaler close by you should be able to overcome this obstacle. Asthma prevention treatments and asthma inhalers can help you reduce any potential side effects of your condition while you are exercising. If you are worried about this issue or if you experienced asthma attacks during exercise in the past, it is a good idea to gradually start exercising and see where you feel comfortable doing it.

Asthma out of control

Is your asthma out of control. If you are waking up at night with the sensation that you cannot breath or if coughing and wheezing are always present, a visit to the doctor is required. Well prescribed asthma treatments will help you fight off such problems and regain control over your asthma. Loosing breath while talking or eating is also an indicator of asthma problems on the rise. Seeking specialized help and determining which is the best asthma inhaler or asthma medication for your own case is an important step.

Asthma peak flow meters

An effective method to control asthma is by using a peak flow meter. It is a small plastic tube that you can blow into and measure how much air you can blow out. This shows you how congested your airways are and how effective your asthma treatment is. The best way to control asthma is to treat it with seriousness and to stay constant with your asthma treatment. More info on asthma here: Asthmaxpert

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