Total Body Cleanse: How To Cleanse The Intestinal Tract Naturally

Most overweight people look for any possible means to help them lose weight. A body cleanse is one example. A body cleanse is simply a laxative with a different name and a high price tag. Instead of putting laxatives into yourself, why not consider a natural body cleanse instead. This is a toxin and preservative free method for cleaning the toxins and fecal matter from your intestinal tract.

When you are able to work with your body to provide natural cleansing, it may only require a small change in your eating habits to clean out your digestive system and to bring about a real change in your weight. Using natural means is easier on your body and can be maintained as needed to reach your goals of better health and weight management. Laxatives will help the toxins in your body to be released, but laxatives should not be taken indefinitely.

To start body cleansing, you should step up your intake of water. The water can’t contain any other ingredients. Cola, juice, vitamin water or flavored water might taste good, but it should not be used during the initial period. The daily water quota is at least six bottles of water each day. Eight bottles is even better. Drink pure water with no artificial ingredients in either food or water during the cleanse.

Begin your natural cleansing process with a breakfast consisting of fresh fruit. There is a marvelous range of nutrients available in a piece of fresh fruit. You also get the water in the fruit and the fiber. Fiber and water help to cleanse the digestive system. Don’t add anything to the fruit before you eat. No sweeteners, preservatives or sugars should be used. The more fiber available in the fruit, the better the cleansing process will work.

Throughout the balance of the day, both vegetables and fruits can be eaten. The vegetables should be raw and the fruit must be fresh. Neither fruits nor vegetables should contain artificial preservatives. The intake of toxins or preservatives will defeat the purpose of the body cleanse.

Besides eliminating preservatives and toxins from your diet, you also avoid oils, dressing and salt during the cleansing period. Choose plenty of raw vegetables in your diet. Keep adding fresh fruit to maintain the cleansing for an entire week.

During the body cleansing process you will likely experience weight loss. This is due to water weight loss. Water weight loss usually is quite rapid and may be a significant amount. When you drink lots of water you fight dehydration. Keeping the body cells hydrated perks up your entire digestive system. Toxins and fecal matter are eliminated through natural processes.

After a week on the total body cleanse, you can begin re-introducing low fat proteins and high fiber carbohydrates into the diet. You should not add foods too rapidly, since that will be defeating the purpose of the natural body cleanse. When you stay with the eating practices initiated during the cleanse, you can get the weight off and keep it off.

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