Looking For The Best Low Carb Desserts

There seems to be an endless selection of diet desserts out there, be it a cake or a mousse. A Google search will not only give you low carb dessert options but also varied recipes of a single dessert. Until you can find a recipe for a dessert that you are sure you will really like, you can expect to spend a lot of time going over all those recipes. Out of the many low carb diets being practiced everywhere, there are only a few low carb diets that will fit their exacting specifications. So you have to scrutinize many of the desserts in order to determine which ones you can eat on your diet. Well, to help you pick your favorite low carb dessert, I’ve detailed 4 of my favorite ones below. Read through the following recipes and descriptions as well as their carbohydrate content. You just might find this useful.

First, let us take a crack at the low carb muffin. These quick foods low in carbs are a joy to make and they can be brought with you anywhere. They are a healthy alternative to the sugar and carb loaded muffins you normal buy from stores. If you look at their nutritional facts and compare them, you’d probably be scared out of your wits! These healthy low carb muffins are best made from flax meal, although I’ve also seen recipes using coconut meal. You might want to add fruit or some flavors to the coconut meal muffins since they tend to veer on the bland side a bit. You might also end up with dense muffins if flax meal alone is used. That’s why the best muffin recipes use a combination of flax meal and almond meal. Then there’s baking powder in them to help puff them up so that they are lighter and airier. Although flax and almonds have low carb content, they are high calorie. If you simply want to maintain your weight, that’s fine. But if you want to lose weight, you might want to rethink consuming them.

Second is the low carb cheesecake. The uncanny similarity of this dessert to real cheesecake has placed it on my list of dessert favorites. The usual recipe for normal cheesecake is used, but sugar is foregone in favor of artificial sweetener. Basically, any recipe can be used for this. It is only the crust where the change or the difference will be most obvious. Graham crackers are a popular choice to use in the crusts, aside from other high carb ingredients. A low carb cheesecake would have you doing away with the crust or using almonds and butter in making it. Simply food process the almonds so that it’s in tiny pieces and then mix with some melted butter. Then spread this paste onto the base of your baking dish and pour the cheesecake mixture on top. Then put it into the oven and wait for it to bake into your perfect cheesacakes! Cheese is high in calories, even if it is low in carbs. This means unfortunately that low carb cheesecake is not ideal for a weight loss diet. You can have a slice once in a while, but you definitely shouldn’t be eating it every day!

The last dessert recipe that I want to highlight is the chocolate coconut mousse. This is a very simple recipe, which requires practically zero cooking! All you have to do is get together some dark chocolate and a can of sugar-free coconut milk. Not any of those ‘light’ or ‘diet’ ones, either. Mind, do not shake the canned coconut milk. Open the can and remove the lid, then scoop out the thick cream that formed at the top. Then add in some melted chocolate. Use a hand blender or mixer to blend it well until the mixture becomes fluffy. Let it chill for a while before serving. It’s as simple as that!

With so many great recipes, I know it must be tough to choose. Hopefully the recipes I’ve mentioned will help you in some way. Most importantly, I hope you will love them!

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