My Most Trusted Hangover Cure

For years people have been giving advice on how to cure a hangover. My wife says how to get rid of a hangover is to not drink in the first place. But I don’t see that happening any time soon. Sometimes my job involves getting together with clients and having a few drinks. I remember when I could party all night long and not suffer through the next day. But not anymore. Now even two drinks will affect my mornings. I can’t explain it. It’s like the older I get the harder it hits me. I think most people who party have had problems with finding a way to get rid of a hangover. Everyone seems to have their own ideas for a cure. There were a few of them that would totally absurd. I’ve been told to have a bloody mary when I wake up. There were also a few that think lots of coffee does the trick. Neither one of these ideas worked for me at all. Friends have suggested foods that absorb the alcohol and coating your stomach by drinking a little bit of vegetable oil. The only sure cure I knew of was hugging the toilet all night and sleeping in the next morning. But when you have to get up and go to work , that’s not an option. I need something that works immediately.

I even went online to see if there was anything I could find that would help. I found a lot of weird ideas on a cure. There were a couple of cures that involved eating gross animal parts to sticking voodoo pins in the alcohol bottle cork. I even gave that old tomato juice concoction standby a try. That was a big bust too. I also saw a video and read information about a pill that has been proven as a cure for hangover. Just a couple of pills with a glass of water before you go to bed and your hangovers would be a thing of the past. That didn’t sound too difficult. There wasn’t anything nasty to drink or eat. It only required a couple of pills. I planned to place my order and see how it works for me the next time I have to entertain clients. I was really pretty skeptical, but I just figured I’d give it a chance. So the following weekend I had to go to another party that my boss was throwing for a client. I thought that’s when I’ll try those anti hangover pills I ordered.

I was really surprised at the results I got. All I did was take two pills just before I retired for the night and I felt just great the next morning. There was no headache or nausea. I wasn’t sure if I had partied the night without my usual spinning room to wake up to. I’m sure this sounds unbelievable. But it really kept my hangover away. I’ve finally found something that cures hangover problems. I was anxious to fill the guys in about this at work. They’ve all been searching for hangover cures since I can remember. Thanks to our boss and all of his entertaining, we all needed to find a solution to the problem.

They were all stunned that I wasn’t dragging myself into the office the next morning. There were a few of them looking a little under the weather. They were curious as to why I felt so good. I let them know all about the product that had helped me in the hangover department. Some of them had a “yeah, right” attitude. A few of the guys decided to give them a try. Two weeks went by and I got a call from one of the guys at work. He said he had to thank me for clueing him into this miraculous cure.

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