Using Detox to Eliminate Heartburn

When we think of the term “detox” we think of addictions such as drugs and alcohol. Conditions like heartburn can often be treated using detoxification since it helps remove harmful substances from our bodies. Certain foods and beverages can promote wellness and heal any previous damage as well as provide us with vitamins and minerals that we need to function properly. Therefore, using detoxification to get rid of heartburn makes a lot of sense.

You’ll want to start by eating nothing but soft, bland foods for three days. This will give you esophagus and lower esophageal sphincter time to heal. Harder foods can damage these body parts causing them to be even more painful. Your body will have a much easier time digesting these foods. Eating spicy food may damage your esophagus and make eating anything acidic painful. Once you’ve allowed your body to heal, you’ll be able to add moderate portions of these foods back into your diet.

If you damage your esophagus because of smoking, it won’t heal until you’ve stopped smoking. The same can be said for drinking coffee which exacerbates the problem due to the fact that caffeine is a known irritant of the esophagus. You should avoid soda, tea, or any other drinks that contain caffeine while you are in the process of healing. Contrary to popular belief, tea isn’t a cure-all for virtually any health condition.

Actually, the best thing for you to ingest which will promote esophageal and sphincter healing is just plain water. Water will help keep the damaged sphincter muscle closed since stomach acid will stay down in your stomach where it belongs. Not only that, but water will cut through the acid that has been damaging your esophagus and help you to heal faster.

Heartburn can be caused by plenty of bad habits such as drinking caffeinated drinks, smoking, and eating unhealthy foods. If you rid your body of these substances, your heartburn should be under control again.

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