Brownies, rum cake and more: Lip smacking Christmas desserts to try

We present 4 irresistible cake recipes to try this Christmas.

If it’s Christmas, it’s time to go ‘Ho ho ho!’ with delight, because this season brings out the best in Christmas cakes and other goodies. But were you about to place an order for Christmas sweets? You might certainly purchase marzipan goodies, guava cheeses and milk creams. But when it comes to Christmas cakes, it would be sacrilegious to order a ready cake when you can easily make one on your own.

We’re not suggesting that you sweat for days in your kitchen as you make the cake the traditional way. In the interests of saving time and whipping up the best Christmas cake recipes using minimal ingredients, we recommend arming yourself with a tin of Milkmaid condensed milk, a simple recipe and a big smile – here are some cake ideas to get started:

1 Christmas cake. The traditional Christmas cake is made using dry fruit, heavy milk (with cream) and many other ingredients. But you can pare down most of these ingredients and create a delicious Christmas fruit cake using Milkmaid condensed milk and just three or four steps (refer to the Milkmaid website for the exact recipe and ingredients). Who knew whipping up a delicious Christmas cake was this easy, with such a tasty end result?

2 Brownies. They are disarmingly wonderful in the way they entrap your senses. Biting into a warm, moist brownie, transports you to dessert heaven as nothing else can. You can create the most delectable brownies using the simple recipe on the Milkmaid website, using just three steps and about 5 ingredients – you will never get store-bought brownies after cracking this recipe!

3 Chocolate cake with fudge icing. If it’s Christmas, it must have a dash of celebratory chocolate to go with the festive cheer. What better way to celebrate the Yuletide season than with a homemade, hearty chocolate cake? You will need Milkmaid condensed milk, refined flour, butter and a few other ingredients before you whip up this wonderful recipe in just 5 steps. Go ahead, indulge your love for chocolate and top it with fudge icing for the best ever Christmas cake.

4 Gingerbread cake. Are you always reminded about the childhood fable about the man in the gingerbread cake house? While everyone would love to live in such a house, why not get the next best thing with a gingerbread cake? This cake is an eternal Christmas cake recipe around the world. It imparts the right balance between sweetness and a slight ‘bite’ – it incorporates ginger paste in the recipe – and is a warming recipe. Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

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