Folic Acid in Pregnancy

In pregnancy, the need for a vitamin like Folic acid markedly increases to protect the health of the baby.

Numerous studies have shown that mothers who during pregnancy , consume proper dose of folic acid , are less likely to have a baby with malformations of the central nervous system, including:

  • Underdeveloped brain.
  • Spina bifida: spinal cord has not been close finish, with alterations of the spinal cord.

In addition, folic acid helps prevent defects: lip, palate, heart, kidneys and limbs. Consequently, it is essential that the embryo an adequate intake of folic acid during their first 4-8 weeks of pregnancy, during which it takes place the formation of major organs. Given that in most cases, after expiry of the first month of pregnancy , not yet aware that it is expecting a child, it is advisable for women who wish to become pregnant consume folic acid (in the amount suggested by the gynecologist ) several months before conception.

With respect to the proper daily amount of folic acid during pregnancy, it should be noted that, regardless of pregnancy, the ideal amount equivalent to 0.2 mg. (Valid doses for both men and women).For a pregnant woman, the daily amount required is 0.4-0.8mg.

Folic acid: the right amount

The human organism is not capable of producing folic acid, as occurs with most of the vitamins. It is therefore important to consume through foods containing it. Consuming a daily basis a lot of fruit and vegetables is certainly a good habit.

However, to help the embryo to develop on a regular basis and ensure that you provide 0.4-0.8 mg. daily folic acid, added a contribution is necessary, which can be introduced in two ways:

  • Consume daily a pharmaceutical product containing it, on the advice and indication of the gynecologist.
  • Eat foods with folic acid added, especially for the pregnant women.

The biochemistry Argentina Adriana Baretta says that you can choose the sex of the baby through certain foods. This is a natural method that is combined with knowledge of the menstrual cycle of women. In his book Boy or girl? You can choose ’Baretta argues that combine a certain diet before pregnancy to control menstrual cycles can help parents to naturally choose the sex of their babies. Baretta bases his theory on studies of the French scientist Joseph Stolkowsky, who has run for over thirty years of clinical physiology laboratory at the University of Paris Marie and Pierre.

Theory Stolkowski

Stolkowski experimented with 500 women from France, Canada, Belgium and Tunisia, and seems to have the expected results in 80% of cases.

According to the French scientist, a particular diet could modify the membrane of the egg, making it more permeable to sperm X (girl) or Y sperm (boy). Under this method, a high proportion of potassium and sodium in the diet, accompanied by a decrease in calcium and magnesium favors the Y sperm, i.e., the conception of a child. While women who want to conceive a girl should reduce the consumption of potassium and sodium and increase the proportion of calcium and magnesium. Attention because it is very unbalanced diets, which can only be followed for a couple of months before conception and under strict medical supervision.

The diet for the conception of the child is very rich in salts and, therefore, may cause or worsen a possible hypertension. The diet for the girls , however, is low sodium and may cause renal failure or hypocalcaemia.

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