What causes hair thinning in women?

Women are really very fond of their hair but most of the times they tend to lose hair more than men. There are many treatments available but before treating the problem you must know the main cause or reason behind the hair fall. As you know there are laser hair removal treatments available, which will help the regrowth of your hair. Though laser hair removal treatment is quite convenient and easy, make sure that you know the actual reason behind your hair thinning. There are a few reasons which may cause hair thinning.

  1. One of the biggest reasons is that the problem flows in your genes. If you are having continuous hair loss or hair thinning then the problem arises from your genes. Maybe the problem flows in your family and therefore you have got it. There is a major chance of hereditary condition that affects most of the women having hair thinning.
  2. Another biggest reason for hair thinning is any kind of medical problems. If you are pregnant or you have thyroid disorders and anaemia, then you might lose hair and you might see your hair thinning getting worse. Therefore, you have to solve it according to proper medication.
  3. One of the major reasons behind head thinning in women is the amount of stress they undergo each day. If you are undergoing some kind of severe stress or emotional or physical shock then this can or will lead to hair thinning.
  4. If you are quite fond of different kinds of hairstyles and treatments then this can even affect your hair and can cause hair thinning. Therefore, you might lose hair at a very early age. Hence, you should avoid doing different treatments and hairstyles and even if you do it make sure that it does not damage your hair.
  5. Avoid any kind of colouring on your hair frequently because that is the most dangerous thing you can do to your hair. Your hair thinning will get worse if you don’t stop colouring your hair or even doing unnecessary styles because this damages your hair the most.
  6. Don’t shampoo your hair on a regular basis because that too is a major cause behind women losing hair. Therefore, avoid this major cause.
  7. If you have bad eating habits, that can too cause hair thinning. If you eat too much of oily food products, that can too cause in hair thinning. Therefore, if you have hair thinning issues, make sure you avoid any type of oily food products.

Now, if you want to fix this problem of yours and want the regrowth of your hair, then you can eventually undergo laser hair removal, which will remove the extra and unnecessary hair on your scalp and will make your hair strong. New hair will grow and you will find your hair thinning better. But it is always better to have full knowledge before doing any kind of treatment. Therefore, before you under laser hair removal, make sure you have full information about it. Once, you follow these methods and know the cause, you will be able to fix your hair thinning problem.

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