How to find G-spot

When you start exploring your sexual orientations, you may find yourself curious in a number of ways. Questions like why do condoms have flavours or what is a G-spot may often strike your mind. Well, sex is meant to be an intimate activity that brings you closer to your partner. Which means, satisfying your woman should not be a daunting task. You can make it fun by exploring each other and let her experience the blissful orgasm.

Most women do not experience orgasm merely by intercourse. There are a number of things you can try to make sure your girl is among the 18% women who can achieve orgasm. You can either try clitoral stimulation or you can help locate her g-spot. The g-spot or the Gräfenberg spot was discovered by Dr. Beverly Whipple. She found out that a ‘come here’ motion in the vaginal tract towards the belly button could help achieve orgasm easily. It is believed touching the g-spot often can stimulate an ejaculation commonly known as squirting.

Let us learn how to find the g-spot in your girlfriend or you can also help her find it without any partnered sexual activity. Self-exploration helps her be in more relaxed mode which is the essential prerequisite for the vaginal orgasm. Below is the step-by-step method for how to find g-spot:

  1. Lay down in a relaxed manner or if you are helping your girlfriend, make her feel as relaxed as possible. You can begin with foreplay to make things steamy and comfortable.
  2. You can begin with clitoral stimulation by pursuing a rubbing motion or you may also begin with stimulating the vaginal opening. Make sure the vaginal tract is self-lubricated before you insert the finger or the sex toy. A self-lubricated opening is a sign of sexual arousal.
  3. Now move the finger faced towards her or your (if you are doing it for yourself) belly button, to and fro. Set the pace and remember, there is only one rule that says you should be able to derive immense pleasure out of it.
  4. This method should stimulate the g-spot enough to let you achieve the orgasm in little time. Do not be disheartened if you cannot achieve it immediately. Each body functions differently and it is not mandatory that you experience orgasm only through g-spot stimulation. Sometimes it takes longer minutes of insertion or a faster pace of movement. You will have to explore it all by yourself.

We advocate for self-exploration because a. You can be more relaxed without the stress of thinking why it is not happening with the partner or are we doing it right b. Once you are aware of what you like, you can guide your partner about what you like the most and what are the don’ts. So how to find g-spot should stop being the mission of your life but should be a sexual activity that makes sex more intimate than ever.

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