A Download on The Basics of Dermarolling

To know about dermarolling, first, let us learn about micro needling. So the idea of this procedure is to stimulate elastin fibres and collagen to make skin smoother. Dermarollers are the best form of micro needling.

In dermarolling, a mini wheel covered with many tiny needles is used to prick the face gently. Dermarollers work miracles for fading fine lines, clearing acne scars, and evening skin tone, if used properly.

A dermaroller is a device used to create micro pathways in the skin for better penetration of the product. It is not necessarily used for collagen synthesis; it is also useful to get products to absorb and penetrate the skin.

Now, when the needle is larger such as of 0.5mm diameter, you get into wound healing stimulation. The dermaroller forms tiny pricks on the skin surface and gives enough space for wound healing process to take over. Hence, you grow new skin that is smoother, more even, and plumper.

Best use of dermarolling

Dermarolling is used for many purposes. A person with acne scarring, larger pores, or someone who wants tightened skin can use the dermarolling process with some changes in needle length. For scarring, one requires a thicker and deeper needle. For pores refining, you would want thin and short needles.

Also, dermarolling is not for everyone. People with conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and warts should not use dermaroller.If you have acne, you should not roll over cystic skin or open wound as it can spread bacteria all over the face.

Also, if you are planning on getting dermarolling treatment, there is another thing to be cautious of—Retinol. You do not want to use Retinol and dermarolling both at the same time to avoid an intense reaction. If you are using Retinol, stop using it four to five days before rolling.

Preparation required for Dermaroller treatment

Cleanliness is the key while undergoing the dermarolling procedure. The skin needs to be completely devoid of oil and dirt. You can get your skin cleansed preferably with a foaming cleanser and use a toner to balance the PH. You can also use an antiseptic soap for cleansing.

Dermaroller needs to be placed on a clean surface, for which a paper towel can be used. If you want to reuse your roller, make sure you soak it in an alcohol-based soak and clean it once a week. The durability of the roller depends on its material.

Thus, dermarolling is an excellent alternative to get smoother skin.

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